MD with Special Training in Research

The Final Written Report

The final written report must be submitted by 4 p.m. on the last Monday in September of the year that the research requirement is completed. This deadline is firm and late reports will not be accepted.

  1. Report on research
  2. Contributions to research report
  3. Supervisor’s evaluations

  1. Report on Research

    The report will include the following elements:

    • Abstract: View a sample abstract.
    • Introduction: Includes background information and the specific objectives and importance of the research.
    • Progress: Includes the methods used and the results obtained. Selected tables and figures may be appended.
    • Discussion: Discuss the results in context of the current literature. Discuss limitations, pitfalls and potential future directions. 
    • References: List all references.

    The written report is to be double-spaced, paginated, titled and typed in size 12 font or larger. It should be printed on 8-1/2" x 11" paper, and pages must have 1-inch margins on all sides. The maximum length is six pages, excluding charts, figures, references or tables. This six-page limit does not include the report on the student’s contributions to the research. Students should ensure their name and the project title are included.

    This report usually covers only one research topic, that of the second summer of research, which should be the topic described in the proposal submitted in February. Completion of the requirement includes submission of the final written report and a final oral presentation, which will be scheduled for later in the fall (for STIR students, not MLS students).

    The submission to the MD Research Committee must consist of:

    • the original, plus three copies, of the final written report
    • the original, plus three copies, of the report on the student's contributions to the research
    • the supervisor evaluation form, which is to be mailed and signed above the seal by the supervisor


  2. Contributions to Research Report

    The Contributions to the Research summary should not exceed one double-spaced, typed page (font size 12), and should be appended to the report.

    Because a supervisor may conduct many interrelated research projects, it is important to define each student’s specific contributions to the project. Keeping in mind that research is intellectual as well as physical, students should:

    • List their day-to-day work associated with the project.
    • Indicate their role in activities such as the selection of the research topic, selection of the methodologies used, the development of a protocol or method, the evaluation of data and the preparation of the results in abstracts, papers, etc. Include the title of any poster or oral research presentations made (e.g. to research group, Summer Student Seminar Sessions, Student's Research Day, at a particular national or international scientific meeting, etc.).

    Please include the titles of any papers in preparation, submitted, in press or published and any scientific presentations made. Also acknowledge all significant assistance from others, including the source of financial support for the research or for personal support.


  3. Supervisor’s Evaluation of the Student’s Contributions to Research

    The supervisor with whom the student was admitted into the program is required to complete an evaluation form MD with STIR Supervisor's Evaluation Form. At the conclusion of the final summer of research, students should ensure that their supervisors have this form and are aware that it must be forwarded in a sealed envelope by the last Monday in September of the year that the research requirement is completed to:

    STIR, Office of Research
    Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry
    2-13 HMRC