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Browse this section to find out how you can get involved in various activities run by medical students.

Clubs and Interest Groups - The MSA has over 55 student-run clubs and interest groups. They range from the ballroom dancing club, to the vascular surgery club to even our very own club for foodies with everything in between. You can find out more information about each club by clicking on their page.

MD Ambassadors - The MD Ambassador programs are all about medical student community outreach. They are funded by the MSA each year, and focus on promoting health or careers in healthcare. These committees need tons of volunteers each year, so take a look!

Student Initiatives - Medical students run a huge range of student initiatives both within our school and the community. This section includes everything that doesn't quite fit into the other categories, including hockey tournaments, Shinearama, fine arts and more.

Political Advocacy - The Government Affairs and Advocacy Committee (GAAC) provides a platform for students to advocate to both the provincial and federal governments on issues related to healthcare and medical education.