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MD Ambassadors

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Engagement and outreach to our community is part of our broad social mandate as future medical professionals. To foster social accountability amongst our student body, the MSA has established the MD Ambassadors program.

MD Ambassadors are medical student-run community engagement initiatives aiming to promote health education and health care through sustainable outreach programs.

Click on the links to the left or contact any of your MD Ambassador group leaders to learn more. To view the eligibility criteria and application for becoming an MD Ambassador, please click here. For more information please contact the VP Student Affairs,

Committee Leader(s) Contact
Asclepius Medical Camp for Youth

Esther Lee

Anna Lee

Nila Suthaker

Sally Song 

Big Brothers Big Sisters Elementary School Program    
Big Brothers Big Sisters Junior High School Program    
High School & Post-Secondary Outreach    
MD Interview Committee  
MD Rural Ambassadors
Medical Students for Environmental Health

Alexander Perry

Jesse Grist

Rockin' Docs Summer Camp    
Starlight Performance Camp