Interview Committee

The MD Ambassadors Interview Committee is responsible for the student involvement in the medical school's interview weekend. Each year, students from the first-year class volunteer their time during the interview weekend to provide billeting, guide students to and from their interviews, give them tours of the campus and facilities, and host social events for candidates in the evening. Having recently been through the interview process themselves, the volunteers aim to create a welcoming and supportive environment for all candidates, while also showcasing all that the school has to offer. Second-year students also take part, acting as interviewers for the weekend. The Interview Committee, usually comprised of about 6 first-year students selected at the beginning of the year, is responsible for selecting student volunteers, arranging all of the above student activities, and acting as the liaison between the Admissions Office and the student body. In addition, the Interview Committee is responsible for planning and hosting the "Coffee with A Med Student" event each spring prior to the interview weekend to answer questions potential candidates may have about the medical school program.