Medical Students' Association

Past Political Action Day Topics

2010 PAD: Diversity in Medical Schools: Supporting Initiatives to Increase Underrepresented Demographics in Medical Schools.

2011 PAD: Fostering Interest for Applicants to Medicine from a Rural Community.

2012 PAD: Fostering Aboriginal Health Awareness in Medical School.

2013 PAD: Prevention of youth smoking by banning the sale of flavoured tobacco products

2014 PAD: Preventing the use of tanning beds by minors

2015 PAD: Vaccination Mandated Choice Model

2016 PAD: Investing in Mental Health Services at the Primary Care Level

Past University of Alberta GAAC Chairs

Sahil Gupta (2010-2011)
Roshan Abraham (2011-2012)
Mila Luchak (2012-2013)
Lindsay Bowthorpe (2013-2014)
Raheem Suleman (2014-2015)
Justin Khunkhun (2015-2016)
Kieran Steer (2016-2017)