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Edmonton Manual

The Edmonton Manual is a guide for medical students and residents that provides a quick, efficient and up-to-date approach to over 140 common clinical scenarios. It is a collaborative initiative involving input from students, residents and staff physicians at the University of Alberta. OSCE station material, edits, and revisions are primarily provided by senior medical students, with final reading by staff physicians. The book remains a not-for-profit endeavour from which proceeds go to charity works and the University of Alberta Medical Students Association.



2018/2019 Editing Team

Patrick Vallance  Editor in Chief & Sr. Director Marketing and Sales
Cailey Turner Sr. Editor 
Nazlin Karmali Sr. Editor
Trent Schimmel  Jr. Editor & Jr. Director Marketing & Sales
Scott Wong Jr. Editor


2017/2018 Leaders and Editing Team: Parnian Riaz & Colin Andrews (Leaders), Patrick Vallance, Cailey Turner, Nazlin Karmali 



PedsCases is Pediatrics for Medical Students! The goal of PedsCases is to develop a comprehensive educational tool that focuses on the core objectives of undergraduate pediatric education. The website offers students multiple learning modalities including multiple choice questions, multi-step clinical scenarios, links to evidence-based articles and podcasts. Content is developed by medical students in partnership with pediatricians or other health professionals with expertise on the topic to ensure it covers key learning objectives. The content is freely available online at and through iTunes. PedsCases has been integrated into the third year undergraduate pediatric medical education curriculum at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It is one of the main sources recommended to students to cover the core objectives of the clinical pediatric rotation and to assist in preparing for the final examinations.



2018/2019 Leaders:

Name Email
Nikita-Kiran Singh
Nazlin Karmali
Nikki Gooden
Catherine Deschenes
Jennifer Bhatla


2017/2018 Leaders: Larissa Shapka, Amarjot Padda, Nikita-Kiran Singh, Nazlin Karmali, Nikki Gooden 


MD Admissions Initiative for Diversity and Equity (MD AIDE)

MD Admissions Initiative for Diversity and Equity (MD AIDE) is a student-led initiative dedicated to increasing diversity amongst medical school candidates to better reflect and serve the demographics of our communities. Currently the expense and requirements of applying to medical school present a barrier to access for students from lower-income backgrounds. To address the multiple financial and social barriers that accompany the application process, our initiative aims to support post-secondary students from low-income or First Nations, Métis or Inuit backgrounds by providing free tutoring sessions for the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT), Multiple-Mini Interview (MMI) preparation sessions, and access to a network of medical students and/or faculty members to serve as mentors to assist them in career planning.

2018/2019 Leaders:

Daphne Cheung
Ines Zuna


2017/2018 Leaders and Co-Founders: Alex Wong and Emily Fong 

2017/2018 Support and Teaching Team: Daphne Cheung, Chris Clarke, Ammar Ghalab, Zahra Nikakhtari, Gayathri Wewala, Ines Zuna