Active Citizenship

MSA Council, 2015

Canadian Doctors for Medicare

Canadian Doctors for Medicare (CDM) strives to provide a voice for Canadian doctors who want to strengthen and improve Canada's universal publicly-funded health care system by advocating for innovations in treatment and prevention services that are evidence-based and improve access, quality, equity and sustainability. The University of Alberta student chapter will foster improved education around health system issues for medical students, engage member students in health care projects, as well as provide training and mentorship to students who show a passion for health policy and health systems management. The chapter will be involved in the following activities: hosting information talks/workshops, organizing lobbying efforts, producing publishable content for media platforms, as well as supporting the national CDM goals and projects. 




2019/2020 Leaders and Contact:
Name:  E-mail:
Terra Morel
Marissa Nahirney
Ryan Noble

2018/2019 Leaders: Natalie Marsden, Shawn Dodd, Hilton Chan, PJ Vasdev


Create, Collaborate, Connect

Create, Collaborate, Connect is a student-led initiative to connect healthcare students to the patient experience through an arts-based annual symposium. Local artists who have experienced particular medical conditions or healthcare interactions share their stories and insights through various creative mediums, and healthcare students are invited to further explore these ideas through facilitated and interactive breakout sessions.

2019/2020 Leaders and Contact:

Name: E-Mail: 
Felicity Liu 
Aulora Oleynick 
Amanda Lee 
Beth Langford 


Edmonton Healthcare Improvement Network (EHIN)

The purpose of EHIN is to engage students in learning about the principles, methods, and tools for quality improvement through education and practice opportunities. We facilitate collaboration between students, faculty and professionals from Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Public Health, Business, Rehabilitation Sciences, Engineering, and Law in order to learn, collaborate, and implement quality improvement and patient safety initiatives.

2019/2020 Leaders and Contact:

Name: E-mail:
Jennifer Halasz
Cindy Qian


2018/2019 Leaders: Paul Barber, Karim Narsingani, Jyote Boora


Health Advocacy and Leadership (HAL)

Are you interested in pursuing a project in health advocacy and leadership? Have an idea for an advocacy project but don't know where to start? Come apply to be a part of the Health Advocacy and Leadership program!

You will be paired with an experienced mentor who will help guide you through the process and provide you with valuable advice and resources. We are looking for passionate, self-directed learners with an interest in social accountability and health advocacy!

2019/2020 Leaders and Contact:

Tim Luo

2018/2019 Leaders: Daphne Cheung, Philip Surmanowicz

Health Savvy Seniors

Health Savvy Seniors (HSS) is an initiative aimed at empowering Edmonton seniors to improve their health through interactive multidisciplinary health education sessions. We present various topics at seniors homes throughout the year, depending on the needs of the community. HSS provides a great opportunity for medical students to get involved in patient education, public speaking and health advocacy. The initiative was founded by internal medical residents and is co-led by a group of medical students each year. You can find more information at

2019/2020 Leaders and Contact:

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2018/2019 Leaders:



Medicine Sciences Workshop

The MSW provides a unique opportunity to experience the medical field first hand and is open to both high school and undergraduate students. Whether medicine has been a lifelong dream or just something you would like to learn more about, join us for our 3 hour workshops. They will consist of interactive demos and opportunities to try using medical equipment.

Leaders and Contact:


Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness

Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness is an initiative to educate medical students on the issues surrounding organ and tissue donation: medical, political, and personal. This initiative seeks to provide training for students on how to bring the conversation about organ and tissue donation into their everyday practice.

2019/2020 Executive Team: 

 Name: E-Mail: 
Naik Arbabzada 
Susan Muncner 

Sexuality and Gender Advocacy (SGA) Committee

The SGA aims to address Alberta’s sexual and gender minority health disparities, through collaboration, education of health professionals, and advocating for sustainable social change. We do this via our annual Inclusive Health Conference, social events, peer support for LGBTQ medical students, and working with Faculty to improve LGBTQ curriculum content in the MD program.

For more updates follow us here:
Twitter: @uofaSGA

General Contact:

2019/2020 Executive Team: 

 Name: E-mail: 
VP Internal    
VP External    
VP Finance    
VP Secretary    
VP Social Engagement    
VP Communications    


2018/2019 Executive Team:

President Sarah Kent
VP Internal Michelle Anderson
VP External Derek Fehr 
VP Finance Jordana Fersovich 
VP Secretary Isaiah MacDonald 
VP Social Engagement Alynna Lirette
VP Communications Rebecca McCourt


Students for Antimicrobial Stewardship Society (SASS) - University of Alberta Chapter

Students for Antimicrobial Stewardship (SASS) is a nation-wide student-lead organization dedicated to promoting antimicrobial stewardship among future healthcare providers. The mission of SASS is to advocate for proper use of antibiotics through a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach to bring this important issue to light at our school, and to provide education, support, and representation for this issue among the healthcare providers of the future. Further, SASS works to raise awareness of this important issue and represent students advocating for antimicrobial stewardship on national and international platforms including industry, medical organizations, educational institutions, and government.


2019/2020 Leaders and Contact:

Alex Le 
Mike Taylor
Vidhi Desai

Social Media:
Instagram: SASS_CANADA


2018/2019 Leaders: Natalie Marsden, Mariam Goubran


The Artery

The Artery is an annual publication which showcases the artistic and creative works of students from all four years of the Medicine and Dentistry programs at the University of Alberta. A large diversity of pieces and mediums are included in the collection, with both medical and non-medical themes. Some previous editions have included paintings, photography, poetry, chainmail, crochet animals, recipes, musical compositions, and more. The goal of this project is to provide students with an opportunity to share their creativity and the artistic passions. The final product is a coffee table book featuring a wide variety of topics and talent.

2019/2020Leaders and Contact:

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2018/2019 Leaders: