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The Mental Health Advocates

We, The Mental Health Advocates, are the organizers of the annual Mental Health Awareness Week in the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Alberta. We are also the creators of “Minding Health”, the first medical student wellness podcast at the University of Alberta.

Our objectives are to provide education and resources to medical students, students from other faculties, and community members at large. More importantly we aim to educate the public in hopes of eliminating the stigma of mental illness.

Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW) will be composed of a lunchtime speaker series, a mental health services booth-fair, and evening events. The speaker series will be delivered by a dynamic set of individuals who are experts in their respective fields. The talks will cover a wide range of issues, designed to reflect the complexity and diversities of the mental health field. The evening events include the very popular Mental Health Monologues, a safe space of Medical Students and their supports, where we share our stories with each other in hopes of destigmatizing our experiences and finding greater community.

The “Minding Health” podcast is a project that we started in 2017. The podcast provides a platform for student speakers to share their personal stories to strengthen the sense of community through digital media, celebrate the amazing diversity in our program, and promote work life balance and mental wellness for medical students. Stay tuned for the dates of MHAW 2020; announcements will most likely be made Nov-Dec 2019.

Link to podcast: ~Coming Soon~

2019/2020Leaders and Contact:

Cody Lindeman

Inderdeep Mander
Kristi Mellom
Aanchel Saran
Ravina Rimpy
Michael Wollin


2018/2019 Leaders: Paul Barber, Dora Gyenes, Kerry Howell, Brandy Love, Julie Munich

Choosing Wisely Canada – U of A Chapter

Choosing Wisely Canada (CWC) is a growing national campaign involving all learners in medicine, which emphasizes the judicious yet evidence-based use of resources in the context of a universal healthcare system. The campaign was started in the United States in 2014 by the American Board of Internal Medicine as a way to tackle better resource stewardship and shared decision-making with patients. Dr. Wendy Levinson, a Professor of Medicine from the University of Toronto,

With the increasing financial constraints that burden the Canadian healthcare system, it is imperative that healthcare professionals and learners at all levels of training get relevant and timely access to evidence-based recommendations on resource stewardship (e.g. on the use of medications and diagnostic tests, etc.). The CWC campaign is rapidly growing in medical schools and allied professional institutions, and several events have been held in these institutions to increase the proactive stance of the medical community in promoting improved resource stewardship. In light of this, it is high time that we engage UofA medical students through events that have been previously held in other medical schools to be effective yet practical in introducing CWC concepts.

The Choosing Wisely Canada – UofA Initiative serves to further the education of learners in the healthcare profession by:

  1. Advocating for increased integration of the curriculum
  2. Holding interactive events that further the tenets and principles of Choosing Wisely Canada
  3. Engaging the community of learners in medicine and its allied healthcare professions in learning about CWC and applying it to their education.

Currently, plans are underway in holding case-based learning sessions led by physician CWC champions, in order to better integrate CWC principles into the medical student curriculum. Further, block-specific events on CWC are also being planned to engage students on a timely basis.

Please visit our website for more information:

2019/2020 Leaders and Contact:

Alicia Jarosz
Hartley Perlmutter


2018/2019 Leaders: Alex Wong, Karl Narvacan 


Peer Support Program

Peer Support Program coming soon!

2019/2020 Leaders and Contact:

 Name:  E-mail:
 Kendra Raffael
 Inderdeep Mander


Mass Gathering Medicine

Mass Gathering Medicine is a field of medicine that explores the health effects and risks of mass gatherings as well as the strategies that contribute positively to effective health care delivery during such events, despite strained and limited resources. To learn more send us an email to to get added to our mailing list, check out our website at and join the facebook group at

2019/2020 Leaders:


2018/2019 Leaders: