Medical Students' Association

CFMS Global Health Program

The Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS) Global Health Program is composed of a diverse team of student leaders from across the country:

VP-Global Health is responsible for guiding and coordinating Global Health Program activities as well as sitting on the CFMS Executive Board.

National Officers report to the VP-Global Health and they provide specific services and representation on behalf of Canadian medical students. They also guide the local representatives at each university and coordinate nationwide initiatives.

  • National Exchange Officers (NEOs)
  • National Officer of Reproductive and Sexual Health (NORSH)
  • National Officer of Partnership (NOP)
  • National Officer of Human Rights and Peace (NORP)
  • National Officer of Global Health Education (NOGHE)
  • National Officer of Indigenous Health (NOIH)

The Global Health Liaisons are elected representatives at each university who act as the connection between the CFMS Global Health Program team and the global health initiatives at each respective university. At the University of Alberta, the Global Health Liaison is the VP Community Engagement on the MSA executive.

For more information please see the Canadian Federation of Medical Students Global Health Program