Community Service Learning

The Community Service Learning (CSL) program is a campus-wide program at the University of Alberta. The Division of Community Engagement within the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry runs the program for medical students.

Medical students are paired with community organizations to gain a better understanding of marginalized populations in Edmonton. These placements enable students to get involved in various projects out in the community.

The projects differ each year, according to what best suits the community. Some of the organizations that students have paired with in past years include:

  • Pride Centre of Edmonton
  • Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society
  • The Africa Centre
  • Boyle Street Community Services

This Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry CSL program is offered at the beginning of the school year. More information will be provided during Orientation week. All interested medical students are encouraged to participate.

These CSL hours can be used to count towards the required pre-clerkship electives. Click here to learn more about this elective.