Field Station Program and Locations

Faculty of Community Engagement and Locations

The overall purpose of the creation of this program, started in 2012, was to improve Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry learners’ experiences during overseas medical electives, identify and solidify our partner institutions as sites to provide more and better options for student and resident overseas electives, and strengthen ties with these partners to optimize ongoing educational, service and research-based collaborations.

Benefits of the Field Station Program include:

  1. Preceptorship for students at each site
  2. Greater student preparation for medical experiences in various types of settings
  3. Allows student overseas experiences to contribute to ongoing Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry programs; all locations are selected because of their current or beginning collaboration with Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry faculty members
  4. Improved cultural experience with the student getting closer to the local people and culture
  5. The student experience being more economical (i.e., they won't have to pay fees to an outside agency, and they may benefit from the good will of our partners, as for example in Taiwan where they may get free housing)
  6. The facilitation of ongoing research by systematically involving our learners and thereby also mentoring them in research implementation
  7. Opportunity for Field Station sites to send their residents to the University of Alberta for an elective
  8. Faculty opportunities, both from the University of Alberta and international partner sites, in education, research, CME, and sharing expertise in a variety of areas

> Field stations for students with minimum one year of undergraduate medical education (not eligible for credit in clerkship):

Please note that field stations may change from year to year.

This field station has partnerships with Shantou University School of Medicine (Shantou), Fudan University (Shanghai), and Capital Medical University (Beijing). There is an emphasis on interdisciplinary study and students from a variety of programs will learn aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine over a three-week long course with an additional week in another field of interest.

Main contact: Dr. Jill Konkin (Division of Community Engagement)

This elective is a formal music and health promotion course open to medical students with opportunities to shadow at the hospital in Tamale under development. Students will learn about the promotion of health through music and expressive culture in northern Ghana.

Main contact: Dr. Jill Konkin (Division of Community Engagement)

> Field stations for students with minimum two years of undergraduate medical education (eligible for credit in clerkship):

Kathmandu, Nepal
In this clinical field station, students will collaborate with the Patan Academy of Health Sciences to complete medical rotations and learn about its innovative medical curriculum.

Main contacts: Dr. Darren Nichols, Dr. Jill Konkin (Division of Community Engagement)

This partnership with Chang Gung Memorial Hospital and University invites students to complete rotations in emergency medicine.

Main contacts: Dr. Michael Bullard (F of Medicine & Dentistry), Dr. Jung Lee (Taiwan)

Mbarara, Uganda
In this clinical field station, students will complete rotations through the Mbarara University of Science and Technology.

Main contact: Dr. Jill Konkin (Division of Community Engagement)

Kampala, Uganda
In this field station, students will complete clinical rotations through the Makerere University Medical School.

Main contact: Dr. Jill Konkin (Division of Community Engagement)

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
This field station has a strong partnership with maternal neonatal and child health through St. Paul's Hospital Millennium Medical College.

Main contact: Dr. Jill Konkin (Division of Community Engagement)

Nairobi, Kenya
Students will be placed in rotations through the Aga Khan University in Nairobi, Kenya.

Main contact: Dr. Jill Konkin (Division of Community Engagement)

External Organization Electives

Canadian Federation of Medical Students
The Canadian Federation of Medical Students participates in an international exchange program that provides medical students with an opportunity to undertake clinic electives or research projects in foreign countries. Please CLICK HERE more information.

Clerks are invited to apply to aid with CAMTA missions to Quito, Ecuador. Missions take place in February/March of every year. Please visit the following webpage,, for more information. 

Individual Established Electives
If you are interested in setting up your own elective, please contact the Local Officer of Global Health Education. Click here for contact information.