Medical Students' Association

Student Electives

During pre-clerkship (years 1 and 2 of the MD program), medical students are required to complete one 12-hour elective per year. There are a variety of electives, detailed in the Faculty’s Elective Catalogue here, that can be taken to meet this requirement.

The Community Engagement Team works with the Division of Community Engagement to coordinate numerous electives to meet this 12-hour pre-clerkship elective requirement.

Community Engagement Electives

There are two ways to complete a Community Engagement (CE) elective and meet the 12-hour pre-clerkship elective requirement:

  1. Students can take 12 hours in one of the individual CE electives listed below.
  2. Students can take the 12 hour "Mix & Match" CE elective. This must consist of a minimum of 6 hours in one CE elective, but then allows students to divide the remaining 6 hours between the various CE electives however they like (for example, 6 hours of the Inner City Health elective, 3 hours of the Indigenous Health elective, and 3 hours of the Global Health Advocacy elective). This option provides students with increased flexibility and allows them to tailor their elective to suit their individual interests.

Community Engagement Electives Offered

When do they occur?

The electives occur throughout the school year, depending on the availability of speakers and the schedules of contributing organizations, etc. Elective sessions generally take place starting in September and ending in March. Please follow the Elective Event Listing HERE to keep up-to-date during the school year.

How do I complete a CE Elective for credit?  

There is no need to register for a CE elective with the Undergraduate Medical Education (UME) Office before taking the elective. To participate in a CE Elective, you must do the following:

1. Watch for notifications of elective sessions.
As elective events are scheduled, they will be advertised via a variety of methods, including in-class announcements, Facebook posts, Steth posts, and email. Upcoming events will also be posted HERE, along with the elective name and number of hours that they are eligible for.

Students will be asked to register for each session as they arise by following the instructions in each event posting. Please note that if you register for a session, you are expected to attend (or at minimum find someone to take your place); repeated no-shows may affect your ability to complete the elective. 

2. Sign in on the attendance sheet at each event. 

Make sure that we can confirm your attendance so that you can get credit!

3. Keep track of your elective hours. 

Save or print out this Elective Tracking Form and keep track of the events you attend over the course of the year. When you’ve completed 12 hours on the form, sign it and submit it to the VP Community Engagement at

The submission deadline will vary each year; you will be notified as soon as possible. Please note that the submission deadline for this form will be a bit earlier than the UME elective completion deadline. 

4. Fill out the elective form.

Once you’ve submitted your tracking form via email, go to and fill out the pre-clerkship elective form as follows: 

Preceptor: Dr. Jill Konkin (if prompted to enter email:
Part A: Elective Information
Title/Department of Elective: <portfolio name/Mix & Match> Elective, Division of Community Engagement
Location of Elective: University of Alberta
Date of Elective: <TBD>
Total Hours: 12

Once Part A is completed, click “Save for Later” and the remainder of the application will be sent to Dr. Konkin (Associate Dean and Director of the Division of Community Engagement) for approval. Approval by Dr. Konkin is pending review and approval of the Elective Tracking form by the VPCE. If there are any problems with the form, you will be contacted by the VPCE directly.

Can I attend CE Events if I'm not doing the elective?

Yes! You are welcome to attend events for personal interest, and we’d love to see you there.

We ask that you still register for any events that you plan to attend, so that we’re aware of numbers. Also, some events may have limited spots available, so in these cases we ask that you be considerate of students trying to get hours for credit. Otherwise, feel free to attend!