2017/2018 Meeting Schedule


The 2017-2018 meeting schedule for the Class of 2021 Class Council is shown below. Meetings are scheduled and booked by the Class Council Vice President Administration, Marc Beaudin, on every third Monday of the month. However, this schedule may be subjected to change as per discretion of the Vice President Administration if the provided timeslot is unable to accommodate council members appropriately.

Meeting minutes from each council meeting are shown below the schedule and are taken by the Class Council Communications Officer, Lauren Ruttle-Soon.

Date of Meeting   Location  Meeting Minutes  
October 20, 2017                         ECHA L1-230          Link
December 11, 2017 

MS 2-31

January 24, 2018 ECHA 2-150  Link
March 26, 2018  KATZ 1080  Link
April 19, 2018  KATZ 1080  Link