Medical Students' Association

Constitution, Policies, & Procedures

MSA Constitution

The MSA Constitution1 outlines the structure of our organization, the responsibilities of its members and the bylaws that we follow. For any questions related to the constitution please contact the Vice President Operations, Michael Wollin, by e-mail (

1Updated May 7, 2019

Constitution and Bylaw Changes

In order to amend the MSA constitution, all proposed changes must be brought before the Constitution & Bylaw Committee for review. The proposed change will then be brought before MSA Council for debate and approval.

MSA Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures are current directives and rules that govern day to day operation of the MSA and its members. They complement the foundational rules and regulations prescribed by the MSA Constitution and provide the working procedures for everything from clubs to initiatives, and listserv e-mail regulations.

MSA Mission

University of Alberta Medical Students' Association Aim

The overall aim of the University of Alberta Medical Students’ Association is to deal with all matters pertaining to the philosophical, educational, and social activities of the medical student body.

University of Alberta Medical Students’ Association Objectives

  1. To act as the representative voice of medical students on any topic and to expose members of the MSA to their social and academic responsibilities as medical students and future doctors, through whatsoever means are possible;
  2. To be a means of communication between the medical student body and the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry (FoMD), the Undergraduate Medical Education (UME), Alberta Medical Association (AMA), Canadian Medical Association (CMA), Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS/FEMC), University of Alberta Students’ Union (UASU), or any other body;
  3. To organize academic, athletic and social activities for the medical student body;
  4. To maintain the medical students’ reading and recreation facilities;
  5. To promote a positive community image for medical students through community involvement.
  6. To represent the views of all students in the FoMD, including students in the Medicine (MD), Dentistry (DDS), Dental Hygiene (DH), Radiation Therapy (RT), and Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) programs through the UASU, specifically the Council of Faculty Associations (COFA).

Library of Policies and Procedures

Policy #1 - Joint Funding Distribution Policy

Policy #2 - MSA Clubs Policy

Policy #3 - MSA Financial Reporting Policy

Policy #4 - MSA Student Initiative Secured Yearly Funding

External Policy #1 - MSA PARA Representative Appointment Policy (Anish A., Victor D., Adam M.)