2017/2018 MSA Council

MSA council is the highest governing body of the Medical Students' Association as per the MSA Constitution. All committees, including the executive, report directly to MSA Council. Council meets on a monthly basis during the academic year.

Position Name E-mail
Executives msauofa@ualberta.ca
President Adam Mullan msapresident@ualberta.ca
VP Administration Anish Arora msavpadm@ualberta.ca
Vice President, Community Engagement Victoria Elliott msavpcommunity@ualberta.ca
Vice President, Education Brittany Lissinna msaeduc@ualberta.ca
Vice President, External Victor Do msavpext@ualberta.ca
Vice President, Finance Sam Bradbrook msavpfin@ualberta.ca
Vice President, Student Affairs Jillian Schneider msavpstudentaffairs@ualberta.ca
Alberta College of Family Physicians (ACFP) Representative Tanya Chernezky tchernez@ualberta.ca
Alberta Medical Association (AMA) Representative (Senior) Keon Ma keon@ualberta.ca
Alberta Medical Association (AMA) Representative (Junior) Zohaib Siddiqi anwer@ualberta.ca
Alumni and Fundraising Representative (Senior) Monty Sawalha sawalha@ualberta.ca
Alumni and Fundraising Representative (Junior) Megan Webb mewebb@ualberta.ca
Archivists (Senior) (3) Rebecca Matthew rmatthew@ualberta.ca
Irtiza Oyon oyon@ualberta.ca
Kevan Smith kts@ualberta.ca
Archivists (Junior) (3) Amanda Cheung cheung3@ualberta.ca
Genie Kwon kwon@ualberta.ca
Sophia Yip sophia.yip@ualberta.ca
Class Representative, Year 1 (Class of 2021) Jimmy Kang jkang@ualberta.ca
Class Representative, Year 2 (Class of 2020) Jack Zhang yongjian@ualberta.ca
Class Representative, Year 3 (Class of 2019) Aran Yukseloglu yukselog@ualberta.ca
Class Representative, Year 4 (Class of 2018) James Welke jwelke@ualberta.ca
Communications Representatives (Senior) (2) Alex Wong awong2@ualberta.ca
David Fung fung1@ualberta.ca
Communications Representatives (Junior) (2) Ambika Agrawal agrawal@ualberta.ca
Zahra Nikakhtari znikakht@ualberta.ca
Community Heath Representatives (Senior) (2) Amanda Lee aelee@ualberta.ca
Joey Poon poon1@ualberta.ca
Community Health Representatives (Junior) (2) Julia Sawatkzy julia7@alberta.ca
Brianne St. Hillaire bsthilai@ualberta.ca
Facility Representatives (Senior) (2) Ting Wang msafacil@ualberta.ca
Tom Wang
Facility Representatives (Junior) (2) Rebecca Reid
Mark Craig
Health Sciences Students' Association (HSSA) Representative (Senior) Mariam Narous narous@ualberta.ca
Health Sciences Students' Association (HSSA) Representative (Junior) Kalutota Samarsnighe kalutota@ualberta.ca
Government Affairs and Advocacy Committee (GAAC) Chair (Senior) Howie Wu msagaac@ualberta.ca
Government Affairs and Advocacy Committee (GAAC) Chair (Junior) Kaylin Bechard
Professionalism Representatives (Senior) (2) Brad Rutherford brutherf@ualberta.ca
Kathleen Xu kxu@ualberta.ca
Professionalism Representatives (Junior) (2) Anna Lee dawon1@ualberta.ca
Julie Le jle3@ualberta.ca
Student Health and Wellness Representatives (Senior) (2) Kristin O'Neill keo@ualberta.ca
Deborah Adesegun adesegun@ualberta.ca
Student Health and Wellness Representatives (Junior) (2) Louann Claasen claasen@ualberta.ca
Gurleen Brar gkbrar@ualberta.ca
SOCOM (Senior) Breanna McSweeney bmcsween@ualberta.ca
SOCOM (Junior) Patrick Curry pcurry@ualberta.ca
Sports Representative (2) Alycia Amatto aamatto@ualberta.ca
Riley Hemstock rhemstoc@ualberta.ca
AMSCAR Officer Avery Crocker acrocker@ualberta.ca
Affairs of the Heart Officer Sean Wallace aoth@ualberta.ca
CFMS Officer (Senior) Swati Chavda schavda@ualberta.ca
Edmonton Manual Officer Cailey Turner cailey1@ualberta.ca
Environmental Sustainability Officer Rahul Moorjani moorjani@ualberta.ca
Orientation Officers (5) Alexis Fong-Lebeouf msaorien@ualberta.ca
Arth Pahwa
James Gilbertson
Brenda Lam
Rahul Moorjani
Past President Yasamin Mahjoub ymahjoub@ualberta.ca