2018/2019 MSA Council

MSA council is the highest governing body of the Medical Students' Association as per the MSA Constitution. All committees, including the executive, report directly to MSA Council. Council meets on a monthly basis during the academic year.

Position Name E-mail
President Eleanor Crawford msapresident@ualberta.ca
VP Administration Ines Zuna msavpadm@ualberta.ca
Vice President, Community Engagement Bernadine Jugdutt msavpcommunity@ualberta.ca
Vice President, Education Emily Chapman msaeduc@ualberta.ca
Vice President, External Julie Le msavpext@ualberta.ca
Vice President, Finance Daphne Cheung msavpfin@ualberta.ca
Vice President, Student Affairs Paul Barber msavpstudentaffairs@ualberta.ca
Alberta College of Family Physicians (ACFP) Representative Caitlin Finley cfinley@ualberta.ca
Alberta Medical Association (AMA) Representative (Senior) Zohaib Siddiqi anwer@ualberta.ca
Alberta Medical Association (AMA) Representative (Junior) Ryan Chee rchee@ualberta.ca
Alumni and Fundraising Representative (Senior) Megan Webb mewebb@ualberta.ca
Alumni and Fundraising Representative (Junior) Jon Mora jamora@ualberta.ca
Archivists (Senior) (3) Amanda Cheung cheung3@ualberta.ca
Genie Kwon kwon@ualberta.ca
Sophia Yip sophia.yip@ualberta.ca
Archivists (Junior) (3) Shuang (Candy) Niu sniu1@ualberta.ca
Hanjie (Ryan) Zhu hanjie@ualberta.ca
Shan Jin Wang shanjin@ualberta.ca
Class Representative, Year 1 (Class of 2022) Dana Boe boe@ualberta.ca
Class Representative, Year 2 (Class of 2021) Jimmy Kang jkang@ualberta.ca
Class Representative, Year 3 (Class of 2020) Jack Zhang yongjian@ualberta.ca
Class Representative, Year 4 (Class of 2019) Aran Yukseloglu yukselog@ualberta.ca
Communications Representatives (Senior) (2) Ambika Agrawal agrawal@ualberta.ca
Zahra Nikakhtari znikakht@ualberta.ca
Communications Representatives (Junior) (2) Tim Luo tqluo@ualberta.ca
Karkirat Singh karkirat@ualberta.ca
Community Heath Representatives (Senior) (2) Julia Sawatkzy julia7@alberta.ca
Brianne St. Hillaire bsthilai@ualberta.ca
Community Health Representatives (Junior) (2) Amy Du xdu@ualberta.ca
Heather Halperin hhalperi@ualberta.ca
Facility Representatives (Senior) (2) Harry Anzinger msafacil@ualberta.ca
Mark Craig
Facility Representatives (Junior) (2)
Health Sciences Students' Association (HSSA) Representative (Senior) Kalutota Samarsnighe kalutota@ualberta.ca
Health Sciences Students' Association (HSSA) Representative (Junior) Beth Langford mlangfor@ualberta.ca
Government Affairs and Advocacy Committee (GAAC) Chair (Senior) Kaylin Bechard msagaac@ualberta.ca
Government Affairs and Advocacy Committee (GAAC) Chair (Junior) Naik Arbabzada
Professionalism Representatives (Senior) (2) Anna Lee dawon1@ualberta.ca
Katharine Jensen katharin@ualberta.ca
Professionalism Representatives (Junior) (2) Cindy Qian
Richard He xhe4@ualberta.ca
Student Health and Wellness Representatives (Senior) (2) Louann Claasen claasen@ualberta.ca
Gurleen Brar gkbrar@ualberta.ca
Student Health and Wellness Representatives (Junior) (2) Cynthia Nguyen ctn4@ualberta.ca
George Kinley gkinley@ualberta.ca
SOCOM (Senior) Patrick Curry pcurry@ualberta.ca
SOCOM (Junior)
Sports Representative (2) Chantal Allan cjallan@ualberta.ca
Thomas Kellner tkellner@ualberta.ca
AMSCAR Officer Cassandra Nysten nysten@ualberta.ca
Affairs of the Heart Officer Gayathri Wewala wewala@ualberta.ca
CFMS Officer (Senior) Julie Le msavpext@ualberta.ca
Edmonton Manual Officer Trent Schimmel schimmel@ualberta.ca
Environmental Sustainability Officer Alexander Perry acp@ualberta.ca
Orientation Officers (5) Chu Yang Lin msaorien@ualberta.ca
Daniel He
Jacqueline Karathra
Kiersten Schwann
Sierra Casey
Past President Adam Mullan mullan@ualberta.ca