2016/2017 MSA Executive Committees

About Us

Past President

Yasamin Mahjoub

What I do: I support an incredible exec team and oversee the day-to-day operations of MSA to make sure everything runs smoothly. In this role, I’m responsible for representing your voice to various bodies and I’m excited to help support the incredibly rich student life we enjoy at UofA. Above anything else, my role is to advocate on your behalf and make sure your views are heard, so feel free to get in touch with me to chat!

Where I’m from: Calgary

Premed life: BSc Neuroscience at UofC

Jersey name: Massaged Kale...

Favourite spot on campus: Katz DL rooms are essentially my second home.

What I love about UofA: The amount of support -- from faculty, staff, and classmates alike -- is phenomenal. It truly feels like a family, and I’ve been so fortunate to be a part of it!

Favourite thing in Edmonton: the used book stores on Whyte Ave. One of them is open until midnight and even has its own resident cat!

Vice President, Administration

Kristina Lea

What I do: The role of the VP Administration is “to further the advancement of administration and good governance for the MSA”, which encompasses a lot of different responsibilities. They include (but are not limited to) managing MSA council meetings with Yasamin; assisting Marie with the administration and management of the club system; reviewing the MSA constitution, bylaws, policies and procedures; running elections for the MSA council; and managing the MSA website. I handle general correspondence to the MSA so if you have any questions feel free to send them my way!

Where I’m from: Born and bred in Edmonton, AB

Premed life: BSc Science at the University of Alberta with a major in Science Psychology

Jersey name: Sorority Sister

Favourite spot on campus: During my undergrad my sorority house became my second home on campus (literally- I lived there for 2 years, including my first year of med)

What I love about UofA: I’ve met so many wonderful people here on campus, and found lifelong friends. There’s a real community here on campus!

Favourite thing in Edmonton: There’s always something going on in Edmonton- even though I’ve been here my entire life I’m still finding new things to do and different events to check out.

Vice President, Community Engagement

Nikita-Kiran Singh

What I do: Community Engagement is where social justice meets medicine! As VP CE, I act as the liaison between the MSA, the Division of Community Engagement, and Undergraduate Medical Education, working to fulfill our responsibility of social accountability in the context of communities and health. Under the umbrella of global health falls multiple portfolios: Indigenous health, inner city health, rural health, sexual and reproductive health, international health, and more. There are many opportunities for advocacy and avenues for being involved as part of the community engagement team.

Where I’m from: Red Deer, AB

Premed life: UofA BSc in Biological Sciences with Philosophy minor

Jersey name: Flora Dora

Favourite spot on campus: Arts Quad

What I love about UofA: The spirit of green and gold! Campus feels like a mini city with an exciting atmosphere of growth, learning, and the exchange of ideas.

Favourite thing in Edmonton: Strolling down Whyte Ave and exploring the Arts District

Vice President, Education

Miranda Wan

What I do: I work with the faculty to provide a student voice to improve our medical education. Whether it’s related to curriculum, assessment, or evaluation, you can find me closely working with your student representatives and with Undergraduate Medical Education. My role is to represent you so feel free to say hi and stay to chat!

Where I’m from: Calgary

Premed life: BSc Neuroscience at UofC

Jersey name: Wanton (lesson learned, your nickname may be a real word!)

Favourite spot on campus: The “oasis” in ECHA.

What I love about UofA: The wonderful people I’ve met who I share this exciting journey with!

Favourite thing in Edmonton: Playing with the adorable dogs at the Edmonton Humane Society and Remedy’s iced chai latte, what a perfect day.

Vice President, External

Swati Chavda

What I do: I'm essentially Varys (#gameofthronesspoilers). I represent Westeros, ahem I mean U of A med (all of you!) to various external organizations such as the CFMS and the CMA. I'm also here to support and promote any initiatives that you may want to pursue by connecting you with the right resources.

Where I am from: the 6ix, turrano, Toronto, etc.

Premed life: being a clueless premed at the university of Western Ontario

Jersey Name: Mindy Kaling cause we have the same impeccable fashion aesthetic

What I love about the U of A: I absolutely adore how beautiful campus is. No matter what the season, the campus is adorned with the most stunning views. Instagrammable views.

Fave thing in Edmonton: I love being a pretend hipster. You can find me at: iconoklaust, bar bricco, mosaic, coffee bureau, three boars, gravity pope, workhall…

Vice President, Finance

Tyler Halverson

What I do: You can just call me Mr. Money-Bags, or Daddy Warbucks haha. In actuality, I manage and oversee the finances and bank accounts for the MSA. One of my major responsibilities is creating a budget for the year and making sure we as an organization stick to it. I also make sure that the various clubs and initiatives receive proper reimbursement for the different events and activities they may hold. Finally, I work with the Faculty, in organizing the Joint Funding applications. This is an incentive for students or student groups to receive funds for various initiatives.

Where I am From: Grew up in Thunder Bay, Ontario, but lived in Calgary for 5 years.

Premed Life: Graduated Lakehead University with a BSc in Applied Bio-molecular Science and did a MSc at the University of Calgary in Microbiology and Infectious Diseases. Also, worked at TD Canada Trust for a year and a half before starting Medical School.

Jersey Name: Stark. During the beginning of the school year my facial hair had a bit of a resemblance to Robert Downey Jr.’s as Tony Stark (aka Ironman). Fun fact, in highschool I had the nickname “Tony.” Just saying… ;)

Favourite Spot on Campus: The Quad, especially during the Christmas season. I really enjoy walking around there when all the trees are lit up.

What I love about UofA: The respect and support given to students. I have always felt that no matter what if I am even in need of help, there is someone to assist me. It gives me a sense of pride to be going to the University of Alberta.

Favourite thing in Edmonton: The amount of activity that is always happening. It always seems there is something going on (festival, parade, etc), especially in the summer. There is just a fun life to the city.

Vice President, Student Affairs

Marie DeCock

What I do: I help to oversee all the clubs and student initiatives run by the MSA as well as look out for student health and wellness. That means that if you have any ideas for a club or student group come talk to me and I can either point you to an existing club or help you to make that group happen. As well if there is anything you believe our student body needs to improve our health and wellness please get in touch and we can work on it together!

Where I’m from: Pincher Creek

Premed life: BSc in Zoology with minor in Anthropology at the University of Calgary

Jersey name: Coach. (Everyone play hockey! - I’ll see you at stick and skate Tuesday morning.)

Favourite spot on campus: Clare Drake Arena/the Gym

What I love about UofA: My classmates.

Favourite thing in Edmonton: The butter chicken at Remedy Cafe.