2017/2018 MSA Executive Committees

About Us


Adam Mullan

What I do: Along with a spectacular Executive Team, I help steer the MSA ship and chart the course on where we go next as an organization. In this position, you could say I act as the generalist, in that I provide the logistical and emotional support for the MSA’s affairs and fill in the gaps when necessary.

Most importantly, my responsibility is to be the direct conduit for your voice on various committees and bodies to the Faculty and to the community-at-large, to ensure the student perspective is adequately represented. So please don’t hesitate to get in touch at msapres@ualberta.ca for any reason at all; I’m always happy to chat!

Where I’m from: Edmonton (City of Champions)

Premed life: Understanding why people behave they way they do with a BSc in Psychology here at the UofA

Jersey name: President Savage (It’s a long story, but I promise my leadership style is in direct opposition to my jersey name)

Favourite spot on campus: The vibe of Good Earth Café is second to none

What I love about UofA: What continues to impress me is how incredibly passionate everyone is. It’s actually quite energizing being engaged with a group of articulate, highly capable people who are interested in improving upon what’s come before; there’s never a shortage of good conversation to be had, so I would encourage you to make as many connections as possible (and that’s coming from a hardcore introvert)!

Favourite thing in Edmonton: Definitely the bike trails carving in and around Edmonton—the path along Fort-Edmonton to Hawrelak Park can be brutal but is absolutely worth the effort.

Vice President, Administration

Anish Arora

What I do: As the VP Administration, I am essentially the organization freak that nags at my fellow executives and especially the President to remain diligent and organized in their workings. Just kidding, the team itself is truly lovely. My real responsibilities is to ensure that the policies and the MSA Constitution that have been generated over several years of hard work is enforced and followed. In addition, managing MSA Council meetings, running elections, managing the MSA website, email and our lovely Facebook page are some of my day to day activities. I support the executive team when it comes to their various duties and responsibilities, locating information or people, running of daily affairs and providing information and support to both my fellow medical student peers and the community at large. So if you have any questions or general inquiries, I will be your go to person!

Where I’m from: Calgary (home sweet home but Edmonton is growing on me)

Premed life: BSc Neuroscience at UofC

Jersey name: Medman (the hero on the wards, just kidding)

Favourite spot on campus: KATZ DL Rooms (I spend more time in there than at home some days)

What I love about UofA: My class (aka my family). If it weren’t for my classmates, I would have not enjoyed nearly as much as I am now.

Favourite thing in Edmonton: Food, food, food! There are so many restaurants to always try out. And the tremendous amount of sports/workout facilities at the UofA.

Vice President, Community Engagement

Victoria Elliott

What I do: The Community Engagement Team advocates for issues that combine social justice and medicine and provides medical students with opportunities for ethical global health education, advocacy, and experiences. As VP of Community Engagement, I act as liaison between our medical students and the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry’s Division of Community Engagement and Undergraduate Medical Office and the CFMS’s Global Health Program. I also support the Community Engagement Team members who organize events, electives, initiatives, and exchanges for our medical students in the areas of Indigenous Health, Inner City Health, Global Health Advocacy, Sexual & Reproductive Health, International Health, and more.

Where I’m from: Vancouver, B.C.

Premed life: It took me a while before I realized that I wanted to go into medicine. Before that, I studied nutrition, specifically malnutrition among mothers, infants and young children in low and middle income countries: I did a BSc in Global Resource Systems at UBC, with a focus on global nutrition, and an MSPH, with a focus on maternal and child nutrition, from the Nutrition Program within the Department of International Health at Johns Hopkins.

Jersey name: Berty

Favourite spot on campus: I honestly don’t really know. It’s a beautiful campus. I love Katz, though – we spend a ton of time there in pre-clerkship and it’s always full of our med family.

What I love about UofA: That’s easy, although it’s a cliché – the people!

Favourite thing in Edmonton: Cafes and the Strathcona Farmer’s Market

Vice President, Education

Britanny Lissinna

What I do: I am here to ensure student perspectives on matters concerning curriculum, evaluation and assessment are heard. Working with the various class representatives, I collect the student voice and present it to faculty on a number of different committees. Ultimately my mission is to ensure I am accurately representing the perspective of students from all four years of the undergraduate medical school, if there is something you feel needs to be heard please get in touch and let me know!

Where I’m from: Edmonton

Premed life: BSc Neuroscience at UofA

Jersey name: Lissinna (Just as boring as the above two answers, I know…)

Favourite spot on campus: Corbett Quad. I work in Corbett Hall in the summer and the quad out front is a perfect lunch spot in summer

What I love about UofA: How quickly your med class starts to feel like family

Favourite thing in Edmonton: How beautiful the river valley is all year round.

Vice President, External

Victor Do

What I do: I’m here to represent U of A med to various external organizations such as the CFMS and the CMA. I'm also here to support and promote any new initiatives that you may want to pursue by connecting you with the right resources.

Where I am from: Edmonton, born and raised

Premed life: 3 years in Physl Hons at UAlberta

Jersey Name: “Do it right”

Spot on Campus: Clarke Drake Arena

What I love about the U of A: The ability to pursue and accomplish anything you set your sights to

Favourite thing in Edmonton: Let’s go Oilers! #Stanleycup2018 #uhearditherefirst

Vice President, Finance

Sam Bradbrook

What I do: I’m responsible for creating and monitoring the MSA 2017/18 budget. I also act as the bridge between student initiatives and clubs, and the MSA funds. You’ll be contacting me if you ever need reimbursements or invoices.

Where I am From: Oakville, Ontario

Premed Life: Studied Finance at McGill University

Jersey Name: Gamgee

Favourite Spot on Campus: Patio outside SUB. When the weather’s nice, there’s lots of tables and chairs to eat, work, or just hang out.

What I love about UofA: Amazing faculty dedicated to delivering practice-centered teaching.

Favourite thing in Edmonton: The people!

Vice President, Student Affairs

Jill Schneider

What I do: I assist with running all the student clubs and initiatives available to medical students, in addition to promoting health and wellness within our student body. If you have an idea for a new club/initiative, or a way to everyday improve health and wellness, come chat with me and we’ll work together to make it happen!

Where I’m from: Edmonton

Premed life: BSc in Honors Physiology at the University of Alberta, MSc in Physiology at the University of Alberta, studying Mitochondrial Changes in Type II Diabetes.

Jersey name: Kepner

Favourite spot on campus: The front steps of Convocation Hall

What I love about UofA: How beautiful campus is all year round! Also, full-dissection anatomy labs are hella cool!

Favourite thing in Edmonton: The river valley