Medical Students' Association

Professionalism Resources

There are various channels for reporting or seeking assistance on a professionalism concern with the intention of providing different options to meet students’ needs, depending on the situation. There is no set route to follow, but here is some information about each resource to help guide your decision:

Professionalism Table

  1. Access to assistance for medical students, residents, physicians and their families is available through this 24-hour confidential line. 1-877-767-4637
  2. Learner Advocacy and Wellness (LAW) Office
  3. Professional Accolades and Incidents Reporting Button. See FAQ for more information

Individual Contact Information

Class Professionalism Representatives

Class of 2018 - Orysya Svystun ( & Jillian Karpyshyn (
Class of 2019 - Natalia Binczyk ( & Cary Ma (
Class of 2020 – Brad Rutherford ( & Kathleen Xu (
Class of 2021 – Elected September 2017

Class Representatives

Class of 2018 - James Welke (
Class of 2019 - Aran Yukseloglu (
Class of 2020 – Jack Zhang (
Class of 2021 – Elected September 2017

MSA President

Adam Mullan, MD Class of 2020 (

Learner Advocacy and Wellness (LAW) Office

Medical students:

Dr. Mel Lewis - Associate Dean of LAW (
Dr. Beverly Wilson - Assistant Dean, Student Affairs (


Dr. Erica Dance, Assistant Dean, Resident & Fellow Affairs (
Dr. Mel Lewis - Associate Dean of LAW (

LAW office website:

UME Office

Dr. Samina Ali - Assistant Dean, Professionalism (
Dr. Sita Gourishankar - Director of Professionalism UME (
UME Office website →