Who we are

As the Class Professionalism Representatives we have been elected by our peers to act as a student resource in the education, prevention and resolution of professionalism issues.

By engaging classmates in matters of professionalism that are relevant to our current experiences in medicine, we hope to support the development of accountable and self-regulating professionals.

Our Goals

Our goal is to promote a supportive culture of professionalism within the student body by:

  1. Providing a confidential venue for students to ask questions and raise professionalism-related concerns that may otherwise go unaddressed;
  2. Mediating conflict resolution at the student level when appropriate;
  3. Guiding students to available resources at the Faculty level when necessary and being available as a support;
  4. Taking proactive measures to mitigate potential problems; and
  5. Actively representing the student body on FoMD committees and projects related to professionalism.

Class Professionalism Representatives

MD Class 2018 - Orysya Svystun & Jillian Karpyshyn
MD Class 2019 - Natalia Binczyk & Cary Ma
MD Class 2020 - Brad Rutherford & Kathleen Xu
MD Class 2021 – Elected September 2017