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Student Discounts and Funding (Travel, Initiatives, Research)

This section of the website is designed to list both internal and external fundings sources for students that are offered throughout the year. Details on awards are grants are listed below. If you know of other funding opportunities that would be beneficial to our students, please contact MSA VP External at Please note that the deadline dates are listed in reference to those from previous years. For the most up-to-date information on application deadlines, refer to the links provided.

Discounts and grants have been categorized as follows:

Meetings, Conferences & Travel Funds

Name of Award Description Deadline Link
ACFP Conference Funding ACFP is pleased to offer discounted rates to students to attend ACFP sponsored conferences throughout the year.

Funding is dependent on the number of students attending. For more information, speak with your ACFP rep.
Variable Click here
National Student Research Forum in Galveston, Texas Two students who did summer research and who present a poster at the Summer Students’ Research Day are chosen to travel to Galveston, Texas to present their research. Abstracts for Research Day August. Click here
Canadian National Medical Student Research Symposium in Winnipeg Students are usually chosen from those that completed MD/STIR or those chosen to go to this conference. Please contact the research office Click here
Cystic Fibrosis Canada - travel grants Cystic Fibrosis Canada encourages Cystic Fibrosis Canada-supported Fellows and Students to attend and participate in scientific meetings related to cystic fibrosis. In addition, allowances may be utilized to acquire new knowledge (i.e. visit another lab). Maximum $1200. This award is open to fellows and students. Prior to proposed travel Click here
Green and Gold Student Leadership and Professional Development Grant - Students' Union The Green and Gold Grant funds participation in activities that align with the goals of the grant. The grant funds 80% of the total cost of an activity, up to a maximum of $1500 CAD. Types of activities eligible for funding include, but are not restricted to: leadership conferences and seminars, skill-building workshops, meetings and events hosted by professional associations, and experiential learning activities. Prior to proposed travel. Click here
International Elective Travel Bursary (Office of Global Health) To offset the additional cost of overseas electives, the Office of Global Health has established a bursary program. Bursary amount will depend upon funds available annually and the number of students applying; it is equally shared. Students are eligible only once per academic year, but may receive an award in more than one year.

To be eligible for an award, the following criteria must be met:
  • The student must be a current undergraduate in the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry.
  • The student will take a clinical or non-clinical elective of at four weeks in duration.
  • The elective must be completed in a tropical and/or resource-limited or culturally special setting outside of continental North America.
  • Consideration will only be given to students who have attended the 12-hour Global Health elective prior to an overseas elective (need only be taken once during medical school).
  • An application, including a travel budget, must be submitted on or before the deadline.
  • A report in the form of a poster must be submitted upon completion of the elective at the Global Health Fair (November).
Click here
CFMS Travel Funding (for AGM & SGM) Each year, the CFMS sets aside funds to provide financial assistance for medical students at member schools who wish to attend the Annual General Meeting or our Spring General Meeting. The Travel Funding Program is limited to the domains of transportation, accommodations, and registration fees if applicable.

This initiative supports non-elected members to attend CFMS meetings with the goals of fostering greater member awareness of CFMS structure and function, promoting increased interest in the CFMS and facilitating increased participation in CFMS activities.
August & March Contact MSA VP External
MSA Travel Funding (for the CFMS AGM & SGM) The MSA provides funding for 1-2 students to attend the AGM or SGM to cover the costs of transportation, accommodation, and registration fees. The funding aims to provide students with an opportunity to increase awareness of the MSA's involvement with the CFMS, and allow for opportunities to discuss key issues and topics with students from medical schools across the country. For more information contact your MSA VP external. September & March Contact MSA VP External
ADIUM Student Elective Travel Grant Sponsored by ADIUM Insurance Services Inc., AMA’s wholly owned insurance agency, each year 20 $500 grants are randomly drawn (ten for each school) from entries received by students. Any elective that you were required to travel away from home to attend, whether within Alberta, across Canada or internationally are eligible. May Click here

Funding for Student Initiatives & Projects

Name of Award Description Deadline Link
Canadian Physician Health Institute - Special Project Funding The Canadian Physician Health Institute Special Project Fund is designed to support the promotion of physician health and wellness at the national level. Funding proposals must support physician health initiatives (as the good health of physicians is linked to positive patient outcomes). Specifically, funds will be awarded to proposed projects that support at least one of the Institute’s goals:
  1. Support increased equitability of access to resources for the emotional, psychosocial and mental well being of physicians
  2. Raise awareness and improve understanding of the importance of physicians’ emotional, psychosocial and mental well being
  3. Reduce the stigma associated with physician mental health issues
  4. Develop and support primary prevention activities related to mental health, for physicians
September Click here
CFMS - Student Initiatives Grant CFMS Student Initiative Grants were established in 2007 to provide support and funding to medical student initiatives. Over the last two years many successful projects have benefitted from direct CFMS funding including charitable, educational and social events all organized by medical students. The goal is to assist students in realizing events or initiatives that promote interaction between CFMS students and member schools. October Contact MSA VP External
AMA - Emerging Leaders in Health Promotion Grant Program
  • Support for health promotion projects led by medical students and residents that target subsets of the general population (i.e., target is not the medical profession)
  • Open to medical students and resident physicians
  • Projects must enhance and/or promote the well-being of Albertans through: health-related education, advocacy, and/or community-service projects
  • The following are not eligible for funding:
    • Curriculum development or research
    • Initiatives that are already funded by others
    • Activities solely targeted at medical students
November Click here
University of Alberta - Wellness fund The Alberta Healthy School Community Wellness Fund, managed by the University of Alberta, School of Public Health, is pleased to provide you with information about a new grant funding opportunity for projects that support healthy school communities.

Funding for Healthy School Initiatives is provided by both Alberta Health and Alberta Education. The Wellness Fund advances comprehensive school health by funding projects that enhance health and wellness among school- aged children and youth to create sustainable healthy school communities.
November Click here
MSA-Faculty Joint Fund The MSA, in association with the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, supports medical students in any initiatives they are passionate about. Whether this be starting new clubs or running events, the MSA believes it is important for students to express themselves and provides financial assistance to successful applicants. There are 2 application cycles per year - any student group activity or individual projects by medical students are eligible. November & February Contact MSA
AMA - Student Sponsorships
  • Support for initiatives organized by medical students for medical students
  • Initiative promotes medical student leadership, professionalism, collegiality, diversity in the profession, wellness or career progression
  • Initiative is open to all medical students
  • Advertising, merchandising, fundraising activities or events for other charities, and capital costs for equipment are not eligible for funding
March Click here

Student Discounts & Benefits

Organization Discounts
Medical Students' Association With your MSA card, you may receive any of the following discounts/deals (some conditions apply, see the back of your card):
  • Beercade: 20% regular priced food & priority entrance before 10PM
  • The Pint: 20% regular priced food & priority entrance before 10:30PM
  • Thrift Shop: 10% regular priced food & priority entrance before 11PM
  • The Buckingham: 20% regular priced food & priority entrance before 9:30PM
Canadian Federation of Medical Students As a CFMS member, you are entitled to the following discounts/services:
  • 20% off regular room rates with Choice Hotels
  • 25% off disability insurance with Kirkham & Jack
  • Discounts with Lasik MD Vision Surgery
  • Textbook discounts:
    • McGraw Hill Bookstore - 25% discount
    • Elsevier Book - 10% discount
    • Brush Education - 10% discount
    • Free electronic version of 'Drugs & Drugs' Pocket Guide
  • Medical E-Resource Discounts:
    • PEPID Clinical Rotation Companion - 50% discount
    • The Medical Post - Free Digital Edition Subscription
    • Skyscape PDA Software - 25% discount
    • McGraw-Hill Medical - Free Trials
Alberta Medical Association
  • Premium life and disability insurance discounts through ADIUM Insurance Services Inc., a subsidiary.
  • The Physician and Family Support Program provides 24/7 advice, support and professional assessment with access to resources for personal, professional and family problems. The PFSP can also connect medical students with a family physician.
Canadian Medical Association
  • Free financial planning and advice through MD Physician Services, along with financial products for medical students.
  • Discounts include the following (see CMA website for more details):
    • 6% off Porter Airlines
    • 10% off Via Rail
    • Goodlife - special rates
    • Delta and Fairmont Hotels - special rates
    • Starwood Hotels - special rates
    • Telus Mobile - special plans
    • Discounts on E-Resources and textbooks