FoMD Professional Pages

The University Relations - Digital Team (UR-D) has prepared a Professional Page template as an important component of our Sitecore website presence. These pages allow faculty members to disseminate their academic achievements and research interests to the world. Many of you have taken the time to update your professional page manually.

We are pleased to announce that MedIT has collaborated with UR-D to allow for automatic updates of the Sitecore Professional Pages from the Faculty’s Administrative Resource System (FARM).

FARM receives nightly updates from PeopleSoft Grants 3.0 and Human Capital Management (HCM) to supplement annually submitted ARO information. You can access FARM in order to confirm imported data and supply additional information where applicable.

This process will also grant the FoMD more flexibility in providing Professional Pages for a wider range of academic faculty. As we progress with automation of the online ARO, FARM will be the collection database to receive updates on key activities for each faculty member.

If you already have a Professional Page in Sitecore, this information has been migrated by MedIT to the new pages. Our rollout was completed June 28, 2017.

Why are Professional Pages important?

  • Academics with a strong digital presence that highlights their work and research projects are more likely to obtain major grants and other funding opportunities.
  • Easy-to-find, thorough information on our faculty will attract the best and brightest students and trainees for your projects.
  • Professional Pages promote locally and globally the wide range of expertise and talent within our faculty.

We encourage you to visit and update your page through FARM (, and keep it as complete as possible. If you have questions about the process, please email