COVID-19 Related Service Changes

We are fully staffed and, following the direction of the University of Alberta's Public Health Response Team (PHRT) and the Chief Medical Officer of Health (CMOH) for Alberta, we will be providing most of our services remotely until further notice. We will be staffing a limited on-site presence and will be changing our in-person services as identified below.

Our requests have increased dramatically, and our team is working very hard to ensure we are getting to everyone’s requests as quickly as possible. We thank you for your patience and understanding during this critical time.

Please check back on this page as the situation is constantly evolving and we are working to update the information as soon as it becomes available.

Cybersecurity Practices Communique

The FoMD Health Information Privacy Advisor has prepared a Cybersecurity Practices Communique to help guide you in good security practices during this challenging time.  You can review it here.

Changes to Existing On-site Services

If an on-site issue for break/fix is considered critical (a client is unable to work and no other system is available) an analyst will be scheduled to be on site to resolve.  Some questions will be asked of the client before an appointment is scheduled and a MedIT analyst is assigned.  The analyst will arrive with cleaning wipes and gloves in order to protect themselves and clients as a precaution. 

  • If on-site services involve upgrading an existing system, and/or connecting a local printer when other printers are accessible, these calls will be placed on hold and reassessed as the recommendations from the PHRT and CMOH change. 
  • Surplus equipment - picking up surplus items by MedIT is discontinued at this time.  We ask that you keep your old equipment in a secure location, and this service will be revisited as the recommendations from the PHRT and CMOH change.

Ordering Equipment

If you require equipment (webcams, headphones, laptops, etc.) you may place an order through the MedIT Helpdesk.  When this equipment arrives, we will contact you to come pick up your equipment.  We will arrange a specific time for you to be onsite to retrieve your order. 

Remote Access

VCS - Virtual Computer System

All VCS and multi-factor authentication (off-site access) requests for support staff will be approved by the Department Assistant Chair or APO. 

For new users, VCS access will be billed in advance for a one-year term.  This change is to accommodate the increase in infrastructure to rapidly grow capacity for the large influx of new users.  Please note: these costs will be the same for all users.  Meaning, an existing user’s costs for using VCS for one year will be the same for these new users over the same one-year period.

New remote users will require multi-factor authentication which requires additional instruction on usage.

VPN - Virtual Private Network

The VPN connection allows you to remotely connect to your University computer and connect to your files.  Essentially allowing you to work as if you are connected.  Submit a ticket to MedIT to for VPN access to be setup.  Your computer must be powered on for VPN to work.  Instructions for you to connect remotely can be found here.

Videoconferencing Options

There are several different video conferencing and live streaming options available and approved for use in FoMD, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.  The options include Google Hangouts Meet, Zoom, and Skype for Business.

  • Included in your Gmail suite, Google Hangouts Meet allows hosting of up to 100 participants. Until July 1, 2020, premium features will be available at no cost.  A specific “how to” document for Google Meet can be accessed here.
  • The Faculty has a limited number of Zoom business licences for hosting groups of up to 300. Large departments may be able to obtain a licence to host virtual rounds using one or two assigned hosts/organizers. Submit a ticket to MedIT to arrange for a licence to be assigned.
    Please note: in eClass, Zoom licenses are available to instructors at no cost. Contact our colleagues in Academic Technologies either by e-mail at or by visiting their website for more information.
  • Skype for Business is used by AHS for their meetings, and is also suitable for connecting to Telehealth and the Faculty's Smart Boards. Submit a ticket to MedIT to arrange for a licence to be assigned.

In general, we would recommend using either Google Hangouts Meet or Zoom to conduct your meetings, with those few exceptions.

Learning Activities

Please note: For learning activities including the use of eClass, or other Learning Management Systems, as well as situations that may require your sessions to be recorded and available for viewing using TechSmith or other technologies, please contact our colleagues in Academic Technologies either by e-mail at or by visiting their website.