Frequently Asked Questions

How does this impact my department, Faculty division or departmental division?

  • Departments/Faculty divisions/departmental divisions will have the option to access standardized administrative IT services for all faculty members, administrators and support staff.
  • All clinical part-time staff will be provided with a virtual desktop with access to FoMD standardized IT services.

Is this going to cost me more?

  • The Faculty IT service standards are funded primarily by the Dean's Office.
  • If a Department/Faculty division/departmental division does not require any additional IT services above the Faculty standards, then there is no extra cost other than the actual IT infrastructure (PC, laptop, etc).

How does a department, Faculty division or departmental division ensure their unique needs are accommodated?

  • Faculty standards are meant to provide a set of common standards.  Departments or Faculty divisions are able to acquire additional IT support by arranging department-specific standards through a Service Level Agreement with MedIT. The same applies to departmental divisions.

How do we handle FoMD members on AHS computers?

  • AHS computers will continue to be maintained by AHS. FoMD members using AHS computers will have access to other Faculty standardized core services such as FoMD email storage, server file storage, etc.

What happens if I have a Faculty-owned computer on the AHS network?

  • Faculty-owned computers which comply with Faculty IT standards can access MedIT for support.
  • Computers on FoMD network can access AHS network, and vice-versa through the trusted network.

When is this going to take effect?

  • April 1, 2011 — Service fees will be implemented for non-standardized hardware and software purchased on or after Apr 1, 2011
  • July 31, 2011 — Final day for grandfathering service to non-standard, university-owned desktop systems purchased prior to Nov 15, 2010.