VPN for Windows

Before going home, please do the following (important) steps:

1. Contact MedIT at 780-492-9731 to get your account enabled for VPN and get Remote Desktop enabled on your work computer.

2. The MedIT analyst will also provide you with the IP Address of your work computer as well as reserve the IP address so it wont change.

VPN Client – Installation Instructions (on your home or mobile computer)

1. Download and run the install file.

2. Click on the arrow beside FortiClientOnlineInstaller.exe file that has been downloaded and click Show in folder

3. Once you see the downloaded file right-click the file and click "Run as Administrator".

4. When the User Account Control page comes up click on  "Yes"

5. The Installation Wizard will launch.


6. Click on the checkbox beside "Yes, I have read and accept the License Agreement" and then click Next

7. On this screen you have a choice to make, If you don't currently have a free Antivirus on your home computer you can click on Complete and this will install an antivirus program as well as the VPN portion that you need to connect to your work computer.  If you wish you can uninstall your existing antivirus program to install this free program or just install the VPN only option.

8. Select the Installation directory and click Next


9. Click Install

10.After it is done installing Click Finish.

11. Click on the FortiClient icon on your desktop or start menu

12.Click on the Remote Access tab and then Configure VPN

13.Give the connection a Name and Description and then type vpn.med.ualberta.ca in the Remote Gateway and switch the Authentication to Save login and type your medicine username in the username field then click Apply and Close.

14.Type in your Medicine password and click connect

*note* You may  see the following alerts pop up after you connect for the first time.

If you see this click on "Work network" and then click close


Connecting to your Computer

1. To connect to your work PC, open Remote Desktop by going to Start – Then typing "Remote desktop"

2. Input your work PC’s IP address in the available field (This is the IP address you got from the MedIT service desk at the beginning of the instructions.)

3. After you have clicked connect if you receive the following message check “Don’t show this warning again for connections to this remote computer” and then select yes.

4. Enter your username and password as in the following screenshot:
  Select "Use another account"
You might be required to put MED\ before your username if you do not see the domain: MED appear. e.g. med\JohnDoe

5. Your VPN session will remain active for as long as you keep the client running. To terminate a session, you simply click the Disconnect button.