VPN for Windows

Before going home, please do the following (important) steps:

  1. Contact MedIT at 780-492-9731 to get your account enabled for VPN and get Remote Desktop enabled on your work computer.
  2. The MedIT analyst will also provide you with the IP Address of your work computer as well as reserve the IP address so it wont change.

FortiClient VPN Setup for Windows Computer

Note: User must be part of the VPN-Users group

  1. VPN Client – Installation Instructions
  1. Go to VPN Website.


  2. Login with your med credentials


  3. Once you login select Windows from the drop down menu.


  4. The file will be download now double on the application and install by clicking on NEXT.

  5. Follow the instruction below by clicking on Install.

     3. Click Configure VPN


     4. Click on Next.


     5. Once software will install click on Finish.


    6. Now to connect to your work PC, click on  Applications and then double-click on FortiClient icon 

    7. In the Remote Access tab select VPN Name or to add a new connection click on drop down icon and select Add Connection

    9. Provide the following information as shown below and click Add

    10. Once connected you will see the following screen. Your VPN session will remain active for as long as you keep the client running. Click Disconnect to terminate the connection. 

    11. Once connecting is established login to FortiClient VPN with MED credentials and connect.


      12. You may see the alert’s pop up after you connect for the first time. Please click on Work network & close.



    Connecting to your computer

    1. To connect to your work PC, open Remote Desktop by going to Start – Then typing "Remote desktop"


    2. Input your work PC’s IP address in the available field (This is the IP address you got from the MedIT Service Desk at the beginning of the instructions)


    3. After you have clicked connect, the following message will show up. Check “ Don’t ask me again for connection to this computer.


    4. Enter your username and password as following:

    Select “User another account” Enter the MED credentials

     Note: Please put MED\ before your username if you do not see MED. For E.g.: MED\JohnDoe


    5. The VPN session is established and will remain active as ling as you keep the client running.