REDCap Overview Video (Mp4)

REDCap is a secure, web-based application for building and managing online research projects. It uses an intuitive, streamlined process for rapidly developing data entry forms in support of many types of research projects, such as surveys, chart reviews, clinical trials, longitudinal cohort studies and more.  Using REDCap can significantly improve research data security and quality. It also eliminates the need to develop other project databases, which can be expensive and time consuming. REDCap is easy to use and comes complete with a library of online learning resources.

Key Features

  • Secure, web-based, easily accessible and locally hosted within the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry's data centre
  • Simple form designer
  • Downloadable data dictionary
  • Data export with support for multiple file formats (SPSS, STATA, SAS, Excel, etc.) 
  • Built-in data quality tools
  • Project calendar and participant scheduling
  • Reporting tools
  • Support for participant randomization
  • Support for collaborative, multi-centre studies 

View a comparison of current data management tools available to Faculty members.

Through collaboration with the Women and Children's Health Research Institute (WCHRI), the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, and the Northern Alberta Clinical Trials and Research Center (NACTRC), this important research support is available to all members of the University of Alberta. Initial project setup and training sessions are provided free of charge.

Regulated Clinical Trials

WCHRI, in collaboration with the Maternal Infant Child & Youth Research Network (MICYRN), maintains a validated instance of REDCap for use in Health Canada regulated investigator-initiated clinical trials. This instance of REDCap will meet regulatory requirements for electronic data systems and includes an appropriate set of standard operating procedures (SOPs). A $250/year system access fee is charged for use of the validated version. If your investigator-initiated clinical trial requires a clinical trial application (CTA) with Health Canada, use of the validated instance of REDCap is strongly recommended.

Additional Support Services

For project teams who have available funding and require additional support services, WCHRI ( and EPICORE Centre ( are available to provide a number of value-added services including database development and data management.


To learn more about the software and to find in-depth training videos, how-to's and FAQ's, visit WCHRI's REDCap main page as well as the REDCap website. Additional help text and training videos are available within the REDCap application, once you have a user account setup. WCHRI also hosts regular open REDCap training sessions. 

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