2017 MMI Instructions

Location and Description

Instructions for applicants



Table outside room 1-498 ECHA at your designated time


Applicants will check in, verify identity, receive ID name tag, read and sign confidentiality agreement

  • Arrive on time
  • Bring government-issued photo ID (Driver’s license or passport) and MLS interview notification letter


Intake briefing

Classroom 1-498 ECHA


Applicants will be briefed on the format and logistics of the interview process. A sample question will be provided.

A clipboard and scrap paper / pencil will be provided for use throughout the interview, along with bottled water.

A short break will available at the end of the briefing.


  • Leave all coats, bags, purses, cell phones and smart watches in secured designated area
  • Listen to instructions

Move to Interview area

Interview rooms throughout ECHA

  • Follow volunteer guide to designated interview area
  • Take nothing but clipboard / pencil / water

Interview Stations

Start outside designated interview room (indicated on your nametag)

Begin reading question posted outside door when indicated by whistle

~2 minutes~

Enter interview room when indicated by the whistle

Greet interviewer, take a seat and being giving response (a copy of the question will also be provided in the room for you to refer to)

Prompting or follow-up questions might be asked by the interviewer

A 1 minute warning will be given (two short whistles)

If not all the time is used, remain in the room and avoid talking with the interviewer

~6 minutes~

When indicated by whistle, move to the next interview room and repeat the process


Move to outtake briefing room

Classroom 1-490 ECHA

  • Follow volunteer to 1-490


Outtake Briefing

Classroom 1-490 ECHA


Applicants will be provided with information on follow-up admission procedures as well as evaluate the process.

  • Return clipboard / pencil in designated area
  • Complete evaluation form

Once complete, please leave the area to avoid congestion as other applicants will be arriving for their interviews.