Medical Laboratory Science Courses

Course descriptions are available in the University of Alberta Calendar.

MLSCI 200 Transition to Clinical Practice
MLSCI 210 Foundations of Instrumentation
MLSCI 230/231 Hematology
MLSCI 242/244 Pathogenic Microbiology I
MLSCI 250 Human Histology and Histotechnology
MLSCI 262/264 Clinical Biochemistry
MLSCI 263/265 Clinical Biochemistry
MLSCI 270/271 Transfusion Science
MLSCI 280 Introduction to Immunology
MLSCI 290 Foundations of Indigenous Health I
MLSCI 295 Foundations of Interprofessional Collaborative Practice
MLSCI 300 Professional Practice
MLSCI 320 Analysis and Communication of Biomedical Information
MLSCI 330 Clinical Hematology
MLSCI 340 Clinical Microbiology
MLSCI 350 Histopathology
MLSCI 360 Clinical Biochemistry
MLSCI 370 Transfusion Science
MLSCI 390 Foundations of Indigenous Health II
MLSCI 409/491 Research Project
MLSCI 410 Introduction to Clinical Laboratory Management
MLSCI 420 Emerging Trends in Medical Laboratory Science
MLSCI 430 Advanced Hematology
MLSCI 460 Clinical Biochemistry
MLSCI 466 Applied Toxicology
MLSCI 470 Diagnostic and Public Health Microbiology Laboratories
MLSCI 475 Clinical Immunology
MLSCI 480 Molecular Genetic Approaches to the Study and Diagnosis of Disease
MLSCI 481 Techniques in Molecular Biology