Students follow the Program of Courses as outlined in the University of Alberta Calendar for the year in which they entered their program. The program consists of a preprofessional year followed by three years in the Division of Medical Laboratory Science.

The current Calendar presents the 2021/22 program information.

See Medical Laboratory Science Courses for course information.

  • Year 2
    • This year of the program is a regular university year, which:
      • Provides the theoretical basis for the five disciplines of Medical Laboratory Science
      • Provides a beginning to clinical practice techniques
  • Year 3
    • Year 3 is the practical hospital training year under the supervision of Alberta Health Services (Edmonton Zone) and the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, which:
      • Consists of clinical rotations in accredited laboratories
      • Includes ethics and professional behaviour in all courses.
  • Year 4
    • This year is a regular university year, in which
      • Degree requirements are completed
      • Research projects are completed by all students
Upon successful completion of all CSMLS competencies, students are permitted to write the CSMLS general certification examination. When the BSc in Medical Laboratory Science has been conferred, students are eligible to write the ASCP Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS) certification examination, as well as the CLS examination of the NCA.