Competence by Design(CBD)

"Every resident, a physician for my family"

Competence by Design (CBD) is a multi-year initiative to implement an outcomes-based approach to learning and assessment in residency and specialty practice across Canada. The goal of CBD is to enhance patient care by ensuring physicians demonstrate the skills and behaviours required to continuously meet evolving patient needs. At the University of Alberta, our Postgraduate Medical Education programs are transforming their approach to educating, supporting, and assessing residents in a way that aligns with the CBD model while supporting our ongoing mission to make “Every resident, a physician for my family.”

For further introduction to CBD at the University of Alberta, explore the links to the left. For detailed information and resources for current residents, faculty, academic advisors, competence committees, and program administrators please click on the “Competence by Design Resource Website” link below.

Competence by Design Resource Website

Links to our CBD Web Platforms


  • CBME Assessment Hub 
  • Initiate EPA and Progress Forms
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  • CBME Reporting Portal 
  • View detailed EPA reports in Resident Portfolios 

EPA Tracker 

  • CBME Reporting Tool 
  • Review cumulative EPA completion reports by program

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