Application Process

Applying for the Clinician Investigator Program

To be eligible to apply for CIP, you need to:
1. You must be enrolled as a resident with the University of Alberta's PGME in an RCPSC accredited specialty or sub-specialty program.
2. You may not have had an interruption to your residency due to remediation.
3. Your time in the CIP must be a continuous, 24 month span.

Steps to submit your full application for the Clinician Investigator Program:

Step 1 - Letter of Intent:
To begin your application, you must submit a copy of our letter of intent form to The LOI must be signed by your current program director as well as list your proposed research supervisor. The letter of intent is used to help us get more acquainted with you and your research and helps to pave the way for your full application.

CIP Letter of Intent Form

The deadline for submission on the Letter of Intent is September 30th, 2020.

These will then be reviewed by Dr. McMurtry and you will be sent out a copy of our application form.

Step 2 - Application:
Once you have successfully submitted your LOI, a form will be sent to you for application. This will include a CIP application form, Canadian Common CV, reference assessments, and university transcripts. The CIP application checklist is essential for reviewing the completeness of your application. This application form is directly pulled from the Canada Graduate Scholarships-Master's Program and therefore can be used to apply when completed.

The deadline for submission on the CIP application is October 31st, 2020.