Fellows are postgraduate medical trainees pursuing supervised clinical and/or research training which does not fulfill requirements of an existing residency program of the CFPC or the RCPSC.

Post-MD trainees that hold fellow status include:

  1. Any trainee who has completed Canadian specialty training requirements and is pursuing clinical or research training within his/her specialty field beyond the requirements for specialty or subspecialty certification.
  2. Any trainee who may be ineligible for Canadian certification because previous training is not accredited by the CFPC or RCPSC.
  3. Any trainee who is registered for the purpose of obtaining specific experience in a specialty or subspecialty which is not currently recognized by the RCPSC, or for which there is no accredited program at the University of Alberta.

At the University of Alberta, fellows are subcategorized as follows:

Clinical Fellow Primary duties relate to supervised clinical care
Clinical Research Fellow Primary duties relate to defined clinical research under direction of a designated supervisor
Teaching Fellow Primary duty is teaching


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