Accreditation Requirements

The following requirements are in keeping with the Royal College of Physician and Surgeons of Canada’s “Standards of Accreditation."

  1. Interim Evaluations (ITERS)

    (Interval 1: July 1 – Dec 31)(Interval 2: Jan 1 – Jun 30)
    Evaluations are required to be completed after each 6-month interval by both the Supervisor and the Trainee. These evaluations will be made available to both the Supervisor and Trainee via the One45 Software Program and hardcopies will be retained in your permanent CIP File.

  2. Thesis Committee Meetings

    Each Resident is required to have at least 2, documented thesis committee meetings per year. The minutes of these meetings must be properly recorded and forward to the Administrator of the CIP ( and retained in your permanent file.

  3. Research Portfolio (Self Evaluations)

    This form essentially acts as an ongoing electronic CV and should be updated on a regular basis. The CIP Director will use the information collected in this form as the background for your Face-to-Face Program Reviews. Please do not click the “submit” button as this will complete the form and lock you out from further input. Simply “save” after every update.

  4. Face-to-Face Progress Reviews

    The Program Director will meet with each Resident on an individual basis after each Interval Period once we have confirmation of the completed ITER.

  5. AIHS Grant Application Submission

    AIHS Grant Submission deadlines are Oct 1 and Mar 1. Depending on your previous research background, many Residents may not be prepared for the Oct 1 submission deadline but will therefore be expected to submit the following March. Please note that you must notify the CIP if you are successful in obtaining funding support in order to have these funds administered correctly. Those who are not successful in obtaining support are not required to resubmit as AIHS pertains to 2-yrs of funding support. Please realize that there are many alternative granting agencies, that may apply to your project in addition to AIHS.

  6. MED650 (Fundamentals for Clinician Investigators)(Fall/Winter Semesters)

    This seminar series is a run bi-annually and consists of 15, 1-hr seminars (see attached sample syllabus). This is a 3-credit (1.5 credits per semester), letter graded course, which in addition to the seminar series will include a Midterm Examination (Ethics Application) and a Final Exam (Grant Application). As CIP is a RCPSC “Accreditation without Certification Program”, attendance is mandatory and will be weighted in the Final Grade.

  7. Attestation of Completion

    Although the CIP is a 24-month Program, some of you may elect to return to Clinical Service prior to Thesis Defense or extend your research training period (to be coordinated through your Clinical Residency Program) for completion of a PhD. Please note that you must notify the CIP of your successful Thesis Defense dates in order for the appropriate forms to be sent to the RCPSC and your certificate to be issued. You will not receive certification for completion of the CIP until after you have successfully completed your RCPSC Final Examinations.