Apply to the CIP

What is CIP?

CIP is a Faculty-wide Royal College approved program to provide a formal environment for clinical residents to obtain the necessary research training and additional skills to promote their careers as clinician scientists.

Who is eligible?

Any resident currently registered in a PGME Clinical Residency training program here at the University of Alberta.

What does CIP training involve?

CIP training involves (i) completion of the Royal College Fellowship (ii) completion of two years of research for a Master’s degree (iii) special training related to the skills necessary for a clinician scientist (MED_650 previous topics).

Where is the research done?

The research can be done anywhere in the Faculty as long as the proposed supervisor and program are approved by the Faculty of Graduate Studies and the CIP Committee.

When is the research done?

The research years will occur at a suitable break during the clinical training with input from the applicant, the Program Director and CIP Committee. Usually, the research years come after core clinical training or after one year of subspecialty training.

What clinical duties will be allowed during the research year?

The CIP Committee has recommended ½ day outpatient clinic activity weekly and one month of clinical service yearly with on-call training limited to the Service month. However, the CIP Committee is willing to review alternate scheduling on an individual basis as required.

Who funds CIP?

Post-graduate medical education will provide funding for two CIP positions yearly. However, we expect applicants to apply for external funding. The CIP program will actively seek institutional, personal and industrial partnerships to ensure full funding of the program.

What are the advantages of CIP?

Upon successful completion of CIP, the applicant will receive special certification from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. The CIP program will enhance the training of needed clinician scientists, enhance activity of translational research, promote the research environment in the clinical training programs, improve competitiveness for external training awards and hopefully, enhance recruitment of junior faculty.




***Please note as part of the completed application you are required to complete a “simulated” AIHS Clinical Fellowship Application for review by the CIP Admissions Committee***