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The McCalla Professorship

A professor receiving a McCalla Professorship is to uphold the values of the University of Alberta most recently articulated in For the Public GoodMcCalla Professors are those who value excellence in teaching, acknowledge the importance of students, conduct themselves in an ethical manner, are collaborative, open to change, take pride in history and traditions and are committed to integrating their research and teaching.

Individual submissions from faculty members of FoMD for the McCalla are to be sent to the Office of Education, FoMD. There is an adjudication process within the Faculty (review by a panel of previous Faculty McCalla Professors) and successful submissions will be forwarded by the Office of Education, FoMD to the Office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic).

The McCalla Professorship is an award of up to $20,000 available for hiring a graduate teaching or research assistant, developing a new teaching technology, travel to conferences, or partial payment of a postdoctoral fellow. No portion of the award may be taken as salary. Funds are to be spent as outlined in the approved application.

All tenure-track and tenured, full-time faculty members are eligible for a McCalla Professorship. Administrators may be awarded on the same basis as any other faculty member. Any faculty member who was awarded for McCalla Research Professorship prior to June 2006 is eligible to apply for the revised McCalla Professorship. Since the 2007/08 competition, McCalla Professorships will be awarded only once in a faculty member’s career.

For more information about the McCalla Professorship, please contact:
Dr. Shirley Schipper, Vice-Dean, Education
Tel: 780-492-5995.

Application Procedure for the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry

Due: Noon Friday, December 22, 2017

Submit to: Jocelyn Plemel at (Administrative Assistant to the VDE)

References: For a full outline of the Terms of Reference and more information, please visit: UAPPOL Procedure

Submissions should include the following information and be presented in the following order:

A letter of support from your Chair

Please note: If the faculty member has cross appointments, they must have written support from all the areas

The letter of support should include:

  • How the application fits within Departmental/Faculty priorities and the University mission
  • Why the Professorship would benefit the faculty member at this time in their career; and how the application aligns with the University academic plan

In addition it should include the context for the award application including:

  • The extent of applicant’s teaching
  • Current research program
  • The extent of administrative and/or community service and supplementary professional activity

A 100-word abstract on the proposed program to be used for promotional purposes.


An outline of the teaching and research planned for the award period. (1-4 pages)

The outline should include:

  • Describe priorities, objectives and expected outcomes.
  • Include plan for integration of teaching and research.
  • Comment on how the application aligns with the University Academic Plan
  • Outline how funds will be used (a detailed budget is not required)

Highlights of a teaching dossier (not to exceed 4 pages).

For consultation to prepare a teaching dossier, consult with the Centre for Teaching and Learning.

The teaching dossier should include:

  • A list of all scholarly and research activity pertaining to the scholarship of teaching and learning, courses taught, administrative and professional affiliations and responsibilities, and major awards or distinctions
  • Philosophy of teaching
  • A synthesis of student evaluations of courses taught in the last five (5) years

Highlights of a research dossier (not to exceed 4 pages).

The research dossier should include:

  • A description of program of research
  • A description of impact of research on self and others’ careers
  • A list of recent grant support, specifying agency, amount of award and title of the project
  • Significant publications
  • A list of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows supervised including the thesis title and year of graduation. It would also be useful to identify the significant publications
  • Career trajectory of those supervised. If applicants do not have access to graduate students or post- doctoral fellows, they need to describe how they integrate teaching and research; and how they engage in research-led teaching at the undergraduate level

Highlights of a service dossier (not to exceed 4 pages).

The service dossier should include:

  • A description of engagement in service activities
  • A description of how the service activities linked to the applicant’s disciplinary knowledge
  • A description of the benefits of the service activities to students, peers, the institution and community-at-large
  • A description of how the service activity may contribute to the proposed project

An abbreviated curriculum vitae (not to exceed 10 pages)


NOTE: The Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry has been awarded one McCalla Professorship for the 2017-18 academic year by the Provost's Office

See the university's McCalla Professorship webpage for more information.