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Non-credit Certificates

Non-credit certificates are offered and administered largely by a Faculty or Department and most frequently in the setting of continuous professional development.  Departments and programs in the Faculty that want to deliver non-credit certificates are required to submit an application to the Office of Lifelong Learning, FoMD.   Approved applications are able to provide learners with Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry Certificates.

Non-credit certificates are reviewed by the Department, the Office of Lifelong Learning (L3), Dean’s Executive Committee (DEC), and Faculty Council (FC). Departments are asked to provide on an annual basis, a list of updated program changes to the Office of Lifelong Learning, FoMD by July 1 of each year.

Interested Departments or Programs are required to complete the following template. Template A is for continuing non-credit certificates and Template B is for one time non-credit certificates. (Both forms are currently under review - updated versions will be posted in due course)

For more information or to submit an application, please contact:

Melanie Heatherington
Office of Lifelong Learning