Each year, the Rural Medicine Interest Group (RMIG) hosts several events to keep students informed about the rural medical community. At these events, they can learn about career opportunities, scholarships or learn skills to help with their rural medical practice.

Things to look forward to this upcoming year:

  • Look for the RMIG booth during the Club Fair on the first day of orientation.
  • Office of Rural & Regional Health Talk
    Hear from Dr. Fred Janke, Director, Office of Rural & Regional Health
  • RPAP Information Talk
    Learn about the various RPAP programs available to medical students.
  • RPAP clinical Skills Day
    Hosted by the RPAP and a rural hospital, students spend a day in a rural community learning vital skills such as suturing, casting and starting IVs. Students are also given tours of the hospital and town.
  • RPAP School Outreach Volunteer Opportunities
  • Integrated Community Clerkship Information Session
    Program administrators and participating students answer any rural ICC questions.
  • NADC Talk
    Learn about Northern Alberta Development Council and its opportunities.
  • TGIF Lunches
    These weekly lunches, hosted by the Office of Rural & Regional Health, feature discussion of topics chosen by students. It's all you ever wanted to know about rural medicine, with good food.
  • SRPC Annual Rural and Remote Medicine Course
    The Society of Rural Physicians of Canada hosts an annual conference with nearly 200 workshops and lectures in a peer-to-peer interactive learning environment.