Scheduling an Elective Rotation

Elective rural rotations supplement core rotations and are open to all third- and fourth-year medical students. Elective rotations can be taken at any rural site where a preceptor agrees to accommodate the student for a minimum of two weeks.

Students who wish to complete an elective rotation must contact the ORRH. Those who do not initially contact ORRH may not receive financial support.

*Please note that currently we have maxed our available funding to support rural electives financially. We will continue to provide administration support for future electives but are unable to provide financial support in terms of accommodations + mileage and preceptor stipend. This policy does not apply to electives taking place after March 31st, 2016*

These steps will apply for all students:

  1. Students in their clinical years decide where they would like to do their elective. Contact the ORRH for a list of possible elective sites.
  2. Submit the elective application in Medsis and email the preceptor approval to ORRH
  3. At least eight weeks prior to the start of a rotation, students must notify the ORRH of their decision to complete an elective rural rotation. We will need this time to make the appropriate contacts and prepare funding for the rotation. NOTE: Applications for financial reimbursement will be denied if ORRH is not notified of the rotation or if the notification occurs less than six weeks before the rotation start date.
  4. After approval is given, the ORRH will send a notice to the appropriate contacts confirming the rotation (physician preceptor, the RPAP accommodation co-ordinator, etc.).
  5. Following the rotation, students are required to complete a site evaluation. Reimbursements will not be considered unless evaluations have been submitted.
  6. At the end of the rotation, the student has a maximum of 90 days to complete an application for financial reimbursement. Reimbursements will not be considered after 90 days. Forms are available online and must be submitted with original receipts (where applicable) to the ORRH for approval and processing.

Procedure to Change or Cancel an Elective Rotation

  • All changes or cancellations of rural rotations must be approved by the associate dean of Student Affairs (UME).
  • Only changes approved in writing by the associate dean of Student Affairs (UME) will be considered.
  • All notices of a change or cancellation must be made in writing.
  • Medical students must provide their written notice to the ORRH at least eight weeks prior to the scheduled start date.
  • ORRH will notify all parties involved if there is a change or rotation.