Health Professions Education Scholarship

General Funding Eligibility, Requirements and Process

  • Any FoMD faculty/academic staff member may submit a project in health professions education for consideration.
  • Students and their principal investigator (PI) can apply for AIHS funds and/or Office of Education Summer Studentship funds. In the case of projects being funded by AIHS, the Office of Education Summer Studentship funds, or another funding agency, students can only receive a stipend from any one agency at the same time, as the studentships are full-time positions.
  • Each faculty/academic staff member may only apply for one Office of Education Summer Studentship in HPE grant in one funding cycle (e.g., in the 2016 cycle) either as a PI, Co-PI, or as a Co-Investigator (Co-I).
  • Funding can only be requested for projects that were not previously funded by Office of Education Summer Studentship HPE funds.
  • Students are expected to work a 35-hour week and the PI is expected to spend a minimum of four hours a week in supervision of the student.
  • Students may be awarded funding for projects lasting 2-4 summer months, with a stipend of $1,400/month. PIs requesting 3-4 months of funding for a project must include a budget justification for the longer funding period and provide assurance that the student will be available to work full-time on the project throughout the funded period.
  • All PIs receiving funding from this funding source are required to attend a 2-hour PI orientation session on June 8, 12:00-2:00 pm. PIs are only required to attend the orientation session once every 3 years after their first orientation session. If a PI will be unavailable for this session, you must indicate this with a justification on your application. For those unavailable to attend, an alternative training session may be offered.

In addition to tasks associated with their studentship:

  • Students will be required to complete the Office of Education’s “Noon-Hour Seminar Series” course on educational scholarship and the responsible conduct of research that will be held June 20–June 24, 12–1 p.m.
  • The student is expected to submit a two-page project summary by September 23, 2016 and to present the outcome of the project at the FoMD Celebration of Teaching and Learning. Students may also elect to present their work at Student Research Day; this requires a pre-registration with the Research Office.

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