Grant Application Instructions


  • Applications may include a health professions curriculum project, including an evaluation plan OR a health professions educational research project.
  • All project PIs are required to apply for and receive ethics approval from the University of Alberta Research Ethics Office prior to conducting their evaluation/research study funded by this grant mechanism. If trainees will be included in your study, you may also need to submit an application to the Trainee Research Access Committee (TRAC). Please contact Dr. Shelley Ross ( for more information.

Grant Proposal Checklist [responsibility for task]

  • Complete Background Questions [PI]
  • Complete PI Statement [PI]
  • Provide a copy of PI’s brief CV/biosketch (maximum four pages) [PI]
  • Complete Student’s Project Interest Statement form [Student]
  • Provide a copy of the student’s brief CV/biosketch (maximum four pages) [Student]
  • Complete the Project Summary form – Curriculum Project form OR the Research

Required Grant Components

I. General Information

  • Contact Information (PI, Co-PIs, Co-Is, student)
  • Title of Curriculum or Research Project
  • Curriculum or Research Project Abstract (maximum 150 words)
  • Start & End Dates of Project or Research
  • Amount of Requested Funds
  • Prior Summer Studentship with HPE funding
  • New or Continuing Application
  • Requirement for Human Ethics Approval
  • PI’s Short CV (maximum four pages) as an attachment
  • Student’s Short CV (maximum four pages) as an attachment
  • PI Statement (Maximum 250 words): please indicate PI’s experience relevant to this project (e.g., curriculum development, program evaluation, statistical expertise, or other educational research experience, etc.)
  • Student’s Project Interest Statement (Maximum 250 words): student should indicate why he/she is interested in this project

II. Project Summary

Complete the appropriate project summary, either for a curriculum project OR an educational research project.

Curriculum Project Summary (Maximum 650 words, use the included headings)

  1. Overall Purpose
  2. Background
  3. Curriculum Description
  4. Role of the Student
  5. Evaluation/Outcomes

Research Project Summary (Maximum 650 words, use the included headings)

  1. Project Title
  2. Background
  3. Role of the Student
  4. Study Research Question/Hypothesis
  5. Study Research Design

III. Other Information

  1. Project Timeline
    Include a general timeline for the entire project if it will go beyond the grant funding period and a specific timeline for the funding period
  2. Special Job Requirements
    Any requirements that your student will need to be successful on the project, e.g., experience in statistics, webpage development, literature searching, etc.
  3. Additional Funding Requirements
    If your project requires any additional funding beyond the cost for the student stipend (e.g., use of standardized patients, special software, etc.) provide a description of how you will fund these costs for your project.

IV. Budget Justification

  • Required when requesting funding for greater than 2 months (Maximum 650 words, use the included headings)
  • Provide a compelling rationale why your project requires 3-4 months of funding for your student. For example, provide details of what work will specifically be accomplished by the student each month of the project.
  • Provide evidence (e.g., start and end dates for classes, vacation plans, etc.) that your student will be able to work the full number of months during the summer.

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