Health Professions Education Scholarship

TSP 001: Introduction to Health Professions Theory & Practice

TSP 001 Overview

  • Course minimum enrollment five, maximum enrollment 10.
  • Only faculty or academic staff members in the health professions can apply.
  • Each applicant must submit all TSP application forms (applicant form and chair/divisional director form) and a current CV by the application deadline.
  • Must be granted a 10 percent release time from your department chair/divisional director to participate in the course.
  • Scholars are expected to attend at least 80 per cent of all TSP sessions.
  • All TSP 001 Scholars must complete and present a curriculum development project during the course (implementation of the project is not required).

TSP Leadership

TSP Director: Carol Hodgson, PhD
TSP Associate Director: Pamela Brett-MacLean, PhD
TSP Clinical Advisor: Tracey Hillier, MD

Date TSP 001 Schedule* (sessions are 2–5 p.m.)
TBA 1. Learning Theories
2. Curriculum Models
3. Curriculum Development
4. Curriculum Evaluation
5. Case-based Learning
6. Preliminary presentation of curriculum plans
7. Using Simulations for Teaching and Assessing
8. Improving Clinical Teaching
9. Novice to Expert
10. Presentations of curriculum projects**

Dates for session-specific content are tentative.
**Session is noon–5 p.m. and includes lunch.

Required Texts

  1. Curriculum Development for Medical Education: A Six-step Approach (2nd Edition). DE Kern, PA Thomas, MT Hughes (Eds). John Hopkins University Press, Baltimore. (~ $43 paperback)
  2. Medical Education: Theory and Practice. T Dornan, K Mann, A Scherpbier, J Spencer (Eds). 2011. Elsevier, Edinburgh. (This book will also be required for the TSP 006 course) (~ $70 paperback, ~$ 39 Kindle)

Application Deadline: TBD

Email all applications materials.

For questions about the Teaching Scholars Program in general or specifically about TSP 001, please contact Dr. Carol Hodgson at