Office of Advocacy & Wellbeing

RWBC Funded Events

    Hematopathology, Hematology, General Pathology, Pediatric Hem/Onc - October 2018 - Escape room

    Work life balance, getting to know new residents and team building.

    Physical Medicine & Rehab - June 2018 - Via Ferrata

    Ropes course and Mindfulness activity.

    Family Medicine - June 2018 - Picnic Retreat

    Various activities to relax and team building exercises.

    General Surgery - May 2018 - Aerial Park & Lecture

    Resilence skills, physical activity and wellbeing. 

    Obstetrics - May 2018 - Escape Room & Dinner

    Team work and socializing.

    Medical Oncology - April 2018 - Seminar & Archery

    Learning, fun activity and dinner.

    Rhuematology - March 2018 - Curling & Social Dinner

    Exercise, teamwork and socialization to renew residents.

    Physical Medicine & Rehab - March 2018 - Floor Hockey league

    Exercise and socialization work together to help meet wellness goals. 

    Rural Family Medicine - March 2018 - Spin Class & Lecture

    Encourage wellness and resilience.

    Critical Care Medicine - January 2018 - Paintball &Lecture

    Paintball to help promote teamwork and balance and talk on billing and moving forward in careers.

    Public Health - December 2017 - Bowling

    Bowling to promote networking. 

    General Pediatrics - October 2017 - Retreat & Transition talk

    Annual program retreat to bond and support each other and talk on transition to practice. 

    Diagnostic Imaging - October 2017 - Conference & Dinner Theatre

    Educational conference and a time to counteraction of burnout through social event. 

    Dermatology - October 2017- Yoga

    Yoga session at resident retreat.

    Physical Medicine & Rehab - Summer 2017 - Slo pitch league & Mindfullness

    8 Weeks of slo pitch and each week ended with a mindfullness session. 

    Hematopathology/Hematology - August 2017- Walk & Escape Room

     Walk and work life balance discussion and team building time during escape room.  

    Psychiatry - August 2017- Aerial Park & Pet Therapy

    A day of both physical and non physical interaction with other residents. 

    Emergency Medicine - June 2017 - Wellness Lunch

    Wellness and strategies discussed in transition from residents to staff.

    Obstetrics  & Gynecology - June 2017 - Paint Night

    Wellness via painting, how to reduce stress with hobbies.

    Family Medicine - June 2017 - Welcome Picnic

    Social for new PGY1's to meet other residents in program to bond and provide connections to other sites.

    General Surgery - May 2017 - Sports Psychology & Escape Room

    Lecture on Mental training on resiliency and then escape room time to increase performance under pressure. 

     Radiation/Medical  Oncology - April 2017 - Lecture & Paintball

    Transition to practice presentation and then team work exercise as well as dinner for social interaction of two small related programs.

    Ophthalmology - February 2017 - Paintball & Fencing

    Discussion of longterm wellness and ongoing communication importance as well as some physical activity to release stress and bond. 

    Rheumatology - January 2017 - Bingo Bowling

    Team building event with after discussions of work/life balance and career planning. 

    Internal Medicine - November 2016 - Launchpad

    Worklife balance and taking time out of schedule for recreation were discussed.

    General Pediatrics - November 2016 - Speaker & Hike/Gondola

    Speaker gave us incite into the parents view of a critical incident and the physical activity gave us time to relax and bond as a team.

    Laboratory Medicine - November 2016 - Breakout Room

    Team work skills were tested and developed. Social time following event helped to create a neutral atmosphere to discuss how we could have done things differently.

    PedIatric Neurology -September 2016 - Indoor Axe Throwing & BBQ

     Discussed ideas for staying active despite high workload. BBQ was a nice way to debrief after the experience and to form deeper level connections with team. 

    Hematology & Pathology -September 2016 - Escape Room

    Wellness discussion on "working under pressure" to be followed by an escape room visit to solidfy team building skills in a timed pressure environment.