Office of Advocacy & Wellbeing

Assistant Dean's Message

The Office of Advocacy & Wellbeing(AW) is dedicated to helping undergraduate learners thrive in their respective programs. The office serves as an accessible and responsive resource for promoting the individual and professional growth of these students. This growth is ultimately linked to the learners' well-being and health.

From orientation to graduation, the office acts as a liaison between the student body, the faculty and administration. We provide supportive and confidential service to learners while maintaining an “arm’s-length” relationship with the academic offices.

We look forward to working with all undergraduate students and helping them “be the best that they can be!"

Please feel free to email me directly at, call the office (780-492-3092) or stop by 1-134 Katz Group Centre to get advice or arrange an appointment.


Dr. Cheryl Goldstein
Assistant Dean, Student Affairs