Office of Advocacy & Wellbeing

Academic Support

Any learner facing academic difficulties should contact the Office of Advocacy & Wellbeing for an appointment and support. Learners should also contact their course or rotation co-ordinator for assistance.

Please visit the links below for additional resources:

  • Academic Success Centre (ASC) - support to help students strengthen their academic skills and achieve their academic goals
  • Career and Placement Services (CAPS) - programs, events and services to help undergraduate students explore options and develop career management skills
  • Dean of Students - providing a number of specialized support services to help students achieve success and reach their academic potential. The Office of the Dean of Students facilitates a positive relationships between students, faculty, and administration and promotes a respectful campus environment for all.
  • FoMD Academic Appeals - formal FoMD appeal documents and policies
  • Student Accessibility Services (SAS) - Individuals with documented disabilities are connected to the resources and supports needed to achieve their full potential
  • Counselling and Clinical Services - provide accessible and compassionate psychological and psychiatric services to U of A students. Using a short-term therapy model, we help students improve their personal, social, and academic well-being.