Application Procedure

Please read the following instructions carefully.

All elective applications must be arranged through the AFMC Student Portal and will only be accepted from 28 weeks to 10 weeks prior to the start date of the requested elective. All requested dates within an application MUST be within  28 weeks to 10 weeks of the start date, including any alternative dates. If a student requests dates beyond this time frame, they will be disregarded and the student must wait and re-apply once the 28 week window opens. 

  1. Complete the following items and upload to the portal:
  2. The Undergraduate Medical Education Office (UME) will ensure the application and immunization documentation is complete. If there is missing or insufficient documentation, the applicant will be contacted by the UME Office via the portal to request further documentation. Applications will continue to be processed and requests sent to the appropriate department, however students are required to submit all documentation within 30 days of being notified that their application is incomplete. 
  3. Requests for the elective will be sent via the portal to the appropriate department. The student should not be contacting the department to arrange the elective. However, if the student would like an Urban Family Medicine, Rural Medicine, or Inner City and Addictions Medicine elective, they must find their own preceptor and supply the name to UME in the section titled "Student Comments on Elective" within the portal, with a minimum of eight (8) weeks notice prior to the start date. UME will confirm availability of the elective with the Family Medicine department. 
  4. If the first requested elective is not available, UME will move down the list of choices provided by the student. If none of the requested electives can be placed, the application will be cancelled and the student will be refunded the full application fee.  
  5. A formal confirmation email is sent via the portal to the student and will include further Netcare and eClinician access instructions. 
  6. It is the responsibility of all visiting students to contact the department of their confirmed elective for details surrounding their elective. Check your confirmation email for the name and email of the placement contact of your confirmed elective. If your email does not contain this information, please log into the portal to find your elective opportunity that has been confirmed, and the placement contact can be located under the "Contact" section. Please contact this individual for details regarding time expectations, site and preceptor as well as any other pertinent details relating to your elective. 
  7. The UME Office will register the student with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA).  If the student cancels, CPSA registration will be cancelled by the UME Office. UME will notify the department. 
  8. If the student cancels an elective within six weeks of the start date because they have changed their mind about doing the elective, or if they provide forged documents or are disrespectful to the UME Office staff, a letter describing unprofessional behaviour will be sent by the U of A electives coordinator to their home medical school.
  9. The student is responsible for bringing an elective evaluation form from their school and having it completed by their preceptor.
  10. Students must fill in Evaluation of Elective Experience for Visiting Students and return to UME. 

Policies & Procedures

Please review the policies and procedures concerning your elective at the University of Alberta.

Updated: September 27, 2017