Cell Imaging Centre

Cell Imaging Centre

What We Do

The Cell Imaging Centre is the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry's core microscopy facility. The core facilities in the FoMD are positioned as efficient, reliable shared resource laboratories that aim to be major contributors in driving research and innovation within the faculty. We provide services and training for light and electron microscopy and offer a wide range of cutting-edge image acquisition equipment and expert consultation for experimental design related to microscopy experiments. Full technical assistance - from sample processing through image analysis - is available on a wide range of equipment.

Facility Overview

The Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry Cell Imaging Centre is a multi-user facility at the University of Alberta. The facility provides resource access to users within the faculty and across the university. Currently, we offer training and access to 7 light microscopes and 2 electron microscopes. The Facility operates on a fee-for-use basis, which allows partial cost recovery for operating expenses and service contracts for the instruments. A major portion of Facility operating costs are provided through financial support from the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry and Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) awards to contributing investigators. User fees are used to cover the cost of supplies and partially cover service contracts and maintenance.

Research Resource Identifier - RRID:SCR_019200

Cell Imaging Core User Committee Membership


Dr. Andrew Simmonds - Academic Lead of the Cell Imaging Core, Department of Cell Biology

Voting Members

Dr. Armin Gamper - Department of Oncology
Dr. Michael Hendzel - Department of Oncology
Dr. Jesse Jackson - Department of Physiology
Dr. Silvia Pagliardini, Department of Physiology
Dr. Nicolas Touret - Department of Biochemistry
Dr. Stephen Ogg - Manager, Cell Imaging Centre, FoMD
Dr. Xuejun Sun - Manager, Cell Imaging Facility, Cross Cancer Institute

Ex Officio Members

Dr. Richard Lehner - Vice-Dean, Research (Basic), FoMD
Dr. Wendy Magee - Director, Core Research Facilities, FoMD

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