Advanced Cell Exploration Core Personnel

Mike Wong

Mike Wong
Coordinator, Advanced Cell Exploration Core

Mike Wong is the coordinator of the Advanced Cell Exploration Core . They obtained their BSc in Immunology and Infection and their MSc in Physiology, Cell and Developmental Biology at the University of Alberta. Mike’s MSc research focused on thermoregulation and body temperatures effect on inflammatory dynamics. After completing this program in 2017, Mike joined the uAlberta diagnostic spin off company Nanostics where they were given a wide range of responsibilities including assay development in microscale flow cytometry, fluid handling automation, manufacturing process development, quality control documentation, instrument repair and organization of clinical logistics. Mike then joined the Advanced Cell Exploration Core in 2022 where he assists UofA researchers execute genomic and single cell assays. Mike is the recipient of the Inaugural 2023 CCMA Christopher Spring Leadership Award.

Sudip Subedi
Technologist, Advanced Cell Exploration Core

Sudip Subedi is a Technologist in the Advanced Cell Exploration Core. He obtained his B. Tech in Biotechnology from Kathmandu University, Nepal and MSc in Experimental Oncology from the University of Alberta under the supervision of Dr. Michael Weinfeld. His graduate research study focused on dissecting the role of Polynucleotide Kinase/Phosphatase, a DNA repair protein, in maintaining nuclear and mitochondrial DNA integrity. His first brush with Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) was while working for DNA Power Inc., a Vancouver-based company that specializes in Personal Genetics, back in 2015. Sudip joined the Core Research Facilities in 2016 where he has continued to work with Illumina-based NGS platforms in addition to garnering a skill set in other techniques such as single-cell sequencing, RT-PCR and Oxford Nanopore (MinIon) Sequencing.