Services and Fees

Using the High Content Analysis Core Facilities

Researchers interested in using our libraries or equipment, or gaining assistance in experimental planning and data analysis should contact Michael Wong ( New users must be trained prior to using core equipment; there is no cost for this training. Training requests should be submitted through PPMS.

Equipment usage

Requests for access to the HCA Core must be approved by core staff.
Equipment training by anyone other than core staff is not permitted.


  • Assistance in experimental design and troubleshooting
  • Single cell sequencing and data processing
  • Next generation sequencing
  • Nucleic acids evaluation
  • Real-time PCR
  • Chemical compound and siRNA screens
  • shRNA plasmids (human and mouse genome-wide)



Service Fee
Chromium 10X Controller, for single-cell sequencing library preparation


siRNA Libraries


Compound Libraries


Tissue Culture Rooms FREE*
Janus Liquid Handler $50/hr
EnVision Plate reader $20/hr
shRNA Plasmids $20/plasmid for first 5 plasmids,
$15/plasmid for plasmids 6-10,
$10/plasmid for plasmids 11 and above
LI-COR Infrared Scanner $10/hr

 *Only for University of Alberta researchers and while used with the HCA Core facilities