Core Services and Equipment Resources

Services and Fees

Please contact Audric prior to initiating a request in iLab. Once availability of services has been confirmed, you may log into iLab and initiate a request. You MUST fill in all personal lab information and describe your request in the iLab form. We can fill in the specific details and charges, then send the request back to you for approval.

We have a graduated pricing schedule based on institutional affiliation, with Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry (FoMD) users paying the lowest prices.

Audric is available to discuss and plan your lipid experiments in advance, and can direct you to other experts in the field when necessary.

Hands-on assistance and consultation is provided to U of A users at no charge. Trainees are welcome to learn to perform sample prep such as lipid extractions and derivatizations in the core facility if needed.

Please note that users are encouraged to perform sample prep themselves, as the core is not always available to do this. Lipid extractions, sample derivatization, and transfer of sample into proper vials are all time-consuming tasks and come at an additional cost. Proper vials are available at no charge from the core.

Analytical Services (price per sample)

  User Category
Service FoMD UAlberta External Academic Corporate
Custom Mass Spectrometry* $100 & up $100 & up $100 & up

$100 & up

Extract/Aliquot $20
$20 $20 $30
$40 $40 $40 $50
Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography (FPLC)
$30 $35 $40 $45
Gas Chromatography (GC) $15 $20 $25


High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) $25 $30 $35 $40
Resuspend/Transfer to Vials $3 $3 $3  $3
*Please first discuss with core.