Agilent Bioanalyzer 2100

The Agilent Bioanalyzer 2100 is a microfluidics based electrophoresis instrument designed to size, quantify and quality control DNA, RNA and protein.

Each run is composed of a microfluidics chip based assay whereby the molecule of interest is electrophoresed through a pre-made polymer.

Data is displayed as a monochromatic electropherogram or a gel image for user convenience. Quantification can either be calculated by using a single peak (such as a PCR product) or a size region (such as a DNA library).

The Bioanalyzer 2100 possesses a wide range of kits for each type of molecule, including:
DNA 1000 chip: $50.00 (12 samples)
High Sensitivity chip: $80.00 (11 samples)
RNA Nano 6000 chip: $45.00 (12 samples)

TAGC provides initial Bioanalyzer training for $80, during which the user runs a chip of their choice and analyzes the data under supervision of a TAGC staff member. Upon completion of the required training, the users are free to book and run the instrument during TAGC hours.

Illumina MiSeq

The Illumina MiSeq is a next generation sequencing platform capable of automated cluster amplification, sequencing by synthesis and primary sequencing analysis. A single MiSeq v3 run has the capacity to produce up to 50 million paired-end 300 bp sequencing reads combining for a total output of approximately 15 billion bases (15 Gb) of data.

The MiSeq is compatible with the majority of Illumina's library construction and assay kits as well as a variety of other options offered by third party companies.

Current TAGC MiSeq services include:

  • Whole Genome Metagenomics
  • de novo Assembly of Small Genomes
  • Reference Genome Sequencing
  • Targeted Resequencing
  • Small RNA Sequencing

Prior to library construction or submission it is best to have an initial consultation with a TAGC representative to discuss project requirements and how our services can meet your research needs.

MiSeq runs are performed by TAGC staff. Samples are submitted to TAGC either as DNA/RNA for library construction or as completed libraries. Once a library is completed, a MiSeq run can take anywhere from 4 to 56 hours. Scheduling will be discussed with the user and will be assessed on a 'first-come-first-served' basis. 


QIAxcel is a 12-channel capillary electrophoresis system that performs fully automated, high resolution separation of DNA fragments in the 15 bp to 10 kbp range.

No gel preparation or handling is involved. The QIAxcel comes with ready-to-run cartridges that allow up to 95 samples to be analyzed at a time in a 12-strip tube or 96-well plate format.

The QIAxcel ScreenGel software provides both gel images and electropherograms of the DNA separation and determines the size and concentration of DNA fragments.

It can be used for single PCR screening, evaluation of plasmid DNA digestion, multiplex PCR and genotyping.

Each 12 sample run costs $11 for the High Resolution Kit, and $6 for the Screening Kit, in addition to a $17 setup fee. Initial training costs $80, and upon completion users are free to book and run the instrument during TAGC hours.

Qubit Fluorometer

The Qubit 2.0 Fluorometer uses dye-based technology for the quantitation of DNA and RNA, which achieves high levels of sensitivity for accurate quantitation.

TAGC offers the use of dsDNA High Sensitivity and RNA High Sensitivity kits with the Qubit at the following prices:
dsDNA High Sensitivity = $1/sample
RNA High Sensitivity = $1.25/sample

Initial training costs $40, and upon completion users are free to book and run the instrument during TAGC hours.